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horrifying confessions of hotel workers

by:KingKonree     2020-10-17
The staff of the hotel had stained the dirt.
Good luck to you-
Pay attention next time you are in the hotel.
On Reddit, the hotel staff are thoroughly revealing
And often disgusting.
Clues about the life of the hotel industry.
They put up with it all, from drunken guests to rude children to women\'s hygiene items stuffed with coffee machines.
Here are some revelations.
Be careful with what you are exposed to Yes, we all suspect that the room may not be as clean as we would like it to be, but read Reddit to confirm this.
Glasses in the bathroom are obviously not cleaned at times (
\"They are just rinsed under the tap \")
And the duvet is rarely washed.
A clerk suggested that you take it out of bed and throw it on the floor as soon as you arrive.
The front desk can only tell you a late story for so many front desk staff.
Night phone in the penthouse suite.
\"The guests in line asked if we could send the condom to the room,\" the clerk wrote . \". “[The manager]
Tell me not to, but provide instructions to the nearest gas station.
I passed this information on to the guests.
They thanked me and I hung up.
A few minutes later, a phone call was made from the same room and asked, \"Could you please send a latex glove ? \"?
A porter was sent.
It is better not to mention your age in some cases. A clerk spoke of a call from a young couple who called to ask for a 21-year-old room --year-old and a 17-year-old.
The clerk checked the consent age of the state and found it to be 18. “Double no.
The hotel has a list of \"banks-
You may claim on the ITOne poster that in his city, an alliance of 15 to 20 hotels has come together to create a permanent ban list.
Messed up at a hotel and you were banned from checking in.
\"Here are some of the things I learned,\" the person familiar with the matter wrote . \".
\"Amber is the name of a very popular prostitute.
I have a serious heroin problem in my city.
I have a lot of idiots in my city. ass criminals.
\"Be nice to the staff\", I asked someone to ask me at my desk. . . a good non-
\"This is a tourist resort,\" wrote a clerk. “I . . .
Show him to my favorite local.
\"About four or five hours later. . .
The man came back.
He went straight up to me and told me that the place I told him was obviously out of business.
I\'m mentally ready to yell at myself (like you do)
Instead, when he put a brown paper bag on the counter.
\"He told me that when my place was not there, there was a new place next door dedicated to making desserts.
\"But he told me that he appreciated my efforts and then said the most beautiful words I heard at work: \'I think you may be hungry, so I ordered you every dessert on the menu.
This way, if you like them, you can recommend them to future guests rather than to other places.
Who doesn\'t want dessert?
Source: Getty image BE DIVANormal request is good, please let the front desk know if something goes wrong with your room.
But one of the guests said too much and asked \"I need a pillow that doesn\'t go north \".
If you want to vomit, please do it in the toilet. The Reddit forum is full of all sorts of disgusting activities from guests, including using the room corner as a potty for a woman doing business on the floor, who has just put a newspaper on it.
Another serious incident involved a drunken woman who vomited in the bathroom sink and apparently she was drunk (or lazy)
Go to the toilet with one more foot.
\"The black sink is tied up --
\"The gray water and vomit flew out of the sink last night,\" the clerk wrote . \".
You might be targeted by the staff of a scammer hotel.
Telephone in the evening, a guest picked up the phone in their room, claimed to be from the front desk and asked for credit from the guest --card number.
\"The guests said they had just arrived at the table, but the caller said, \'Don\'t leave the room.
If you leave the room, there are police in the lobby waiting to arrest you.
The guest gave the credit.
Credit card information, scammers charged $3000 soon.
The story first appeared in The New York Post.
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