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House cleaning can be a tiring task. But it is

by:KingKonree     2020-09-16

Now when it comes to the rooms, the first idea is to get rid of all the clutter. Invariably every room will have its share of rubbish that accumulates, simply because no one has bothered to take it away. Start with your living room and get rid of old papers, bills and any knick knacks that don't really serve a purpose. Find a place for things that you want to keep. Don't leave things on the sofas or the coffee tables that don't need to be there.

The same rule applies to your kitchen, dining room and pantry. Get rid of empty cartons, and half full boxes of cereal. If you have a bit of something left in multiple boxes, transfer them to Ziploc bags and store them away. This gives you cleaner and neater shelves, not to mention space. All dirty vessels, without an exception have to be cleaned and put back in their place. Open out your refrigerator and empty it out completely. Work your way shelf-wise and you will be surprised and the number of things you will find that are past their expiry date or which you forgot was there in the first place. Once done, your fridge will have much more space in it.

Once all of this is done in every room necessary, move on to the appliances, gadgets and fixtures you have in each room. Dust them, clean them and check to see if any of them need maintenance work done on them. Go room wise and while you are at it, all dust off and clean picture frame or any other decor items that you have in the room. A feather duster will be your best friend here. Once you are done with the surface level cleaning, the next job is to wash everything that needs to be cleaned. This will include curtains, shower curtains, table cloth, side table cloths, lamp shades where applicable.

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