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How about acrylic cabinet countertops Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-04

   cabinet countertops can be said to be the face of the kitchen cabinets, the face is bright, and the whole is also upgraded to a higher level. Many people only know more about marble or quartz countertops. In fact, this is not comprehensive. Acrylic countertops are also the choice of many families. What about acrylic countertops?

  [How about acrylic cabinet countertops]

  Acrylic cabinet countertops are divided into composite acrylic cabinet countertops and pure acrylic cabinet countertops, and the advantages of these two different acrylic cabinet countertops The disadvantages are quite different.

   Composite acrylic cabinet countertops-the main component of composite acrylic cabinet countertops is saturated resin with about 20% acrylic, aluminum hydroxide and particles 65%, and other materials account for about 2% (depending on different colors set). The price and gloss, hardness, corrosion resistance and other aspects of the composite acrylic cabinet countertops are relatively moderate, so the cost performance is very high.

  Pure acrylic cabinet countertops-the main components of pure acrylic cabinet countertops are grade methyl acrylate and aluminum hydroxide. The gloss and corrosion resistance of pure acrylic cabinet countertops are higher than that of composite acrylic cabinet countertops, but the hardness is lower. Pure acrylic cabinet countertops are non-toxic and non-radiative, easy to clean, and are currently the most ideal cabinet countertop material.

  [Advantages and Disadvantages of Acrylic Cabinet Countertops]

   Advantages: At present, the acrylic countertops used in the cabinet industry are made of seamless splicing, which is easy to repair even if there is a problem. At the same time, the acrylic countertop also has It is easy to maintain and easy to clean.

   Disadvantages: The hardness of acrylic countertops is slightly lower than that of quartz stone. If rough objects rub on the countertop, the brightness of the countertop is easily damaged. Composite acrylic is resistant to high temperature to 90 degrees, pure acrylic is resistant to high temperature of 120 degrees, but do not contact overheated objects for a long time.

  [The difference between acrylic and quartz countertops]

  1. Price: Compared with artificial stone, quartz stone is expensive, but high-quality acrylic The price of the countertop is comparable to that of the quartz stone countertop.

  2. Hardness: Quartz crystal is a natural mineral whose hardness is second only to diamond in nature. Its surface hardness can be as high as 7.5 on the Mohs scale. The acrylic table is soft and prone to hard scratches.

  3. High temperature resistance: Natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material. Its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees. The quartz stone made of 90-95% natural quartz is completely flame retardant and will not be exposed to high temperature. It can cause burning, and it also has high temperature resistance that is unmatched by artificial stone and other countertops. Acrylic countertops should avoid placing overheated objects to avoid cold and heat shrinkage and discoloration.

  4. Cleaning and maintenance: The shiny and bright surface of quartz stone has undergone multiple complex polishing processes, which will not be scratched by a knife or penetrated by liquid substances. There will be no yellowing and discoloration, and daily cleaning only needs to be rinsed with water, which is simple and easy. Even after a long period of use, its surface is as bright as a newly installed countertop, without maintenance and maintenance. But if the countertop is stained with stains that are difficult to remove, the quartz stone is more difficult to decontaminate, because it is difficult to polish and polish without special equipment, while the stains on the acrylic countertop can be polished with fine sandpaper to remove the stain.

  5. Joints: Acrylic tabletops can be seamlessly bonded at any length. The adhesive of the same material will bond the two pieces together and polish them together. Quartz stone countertops will have seams to some extent.

  [Acrylic cabinet countertop price]

   1. First of all, we will introduce the price of pure acrylic. In the domestic market, pure acrylic cabinet countertops are generally imported brands. : South Korea’s three-star Rong, American DuPont Corian, South Korea’s LG Holmes, etc. The acrylic cabinet countertops of these brands are the most professional artificial stone in the world. Of course, the price is not cheap. The cheapest price is 1500- 1800 yuan/meter, the expensive price is as high as 3000-4000 yuan/meter, and its cost-effectiveness is not high. For ordinary consumers, I suggest not to choose it.

  2. Composite acrylic cabinet countertops are more common in the market, and the price is relatively moderate. The acrylic content of composite acrylic cabinet countertops accounts for 15%-20% of the overall material content. Generally speaking, domestic brands are the main products. However, due to the strong development potential of the acrylic cabinet countertop market, there are more inferior acrylic stones in the market, which makes us very careful when choosing to prevent being deceived. The price of high-end composite acrylic cabinet countertops on the market is generally 800-1100 yuan/square meter. It can be selected appropriately according to actual needs.

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