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How about artificial marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-03

As the price of marble continues to rise in the home building materials market, people have produced cheaper artificial marble on the basis of marble. So, what about artificial marble countertops? Let's see it together.

How about artificial marble countertops

Advantages of artificial marble:

Artificial marble has many characteristics of natural marble, such as artificial marble Because it can be adjusted manually, it has a wide range of colors, good flexibility, unobvious connection treatment, strong overall feeling, and colorful, with ceramic luster, high surface hardness, not easy to damage, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and very easy clean.

At present, the common artificial marbles on the market usually have the following four types: cement artificial marble, polyester artificial marble, composite artificial marble, and sintered artificial marble.

Disadvantages of artificial marble:

Because artificial marble is manufactured artificially, it has many uncontrollable elements. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use it in the manufacturing process. Inferior materials, using harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and some even directly adding organic solvents, using heavy metal inferior materials to produce a large amount of 'toxic marbleon.

This type of board generally has a common feature, it has a pungent chemical smell, and the color is not natural enough. It will cause great harm to the human body. Formaldehyde and benzene will be in the future for a long time. It volatilizes within a period of time, and then enters the human body. In addition to harming the body, inferior artificial marble has relative deviations in its own characteristics, such as low hardness, fear of scratches, and fear of coloring.

The range of use of artificial marble countertops

The range of use of artificial stone countertops is very wide. Next, let us know where the artificial stone countertops can be used. .

1) Ordinary countertops: cabinet countertops, bathroom countertops, window sills, dining tables, commercial counters, reception counters, writing desks, computer desks, bar counters, etc. Artificial stone combines the natural texture and solid texture of marble, the bright and delicate ceramics and the easy processing of wood. Its use and implementation signify that decorative art has entered a new era of artificial stone from the natural stone period.

2) Hospital countertops and laboratory countertops: artificial stone is excellent in acid and alkali resistance, easy to clean and care, and there is no place for bacteria to hide. It is widely used in important places such as hospital countertops and laboratory countertops. , To meet the request for a sterile environment.

The price of artificial marble countertops

Due to the high technical and equipment requirements of consumer manufacturers and the higher cost of original materials than other products, the market price continues to rise No less. The price of imported products on the market is around 2500. The domestic ones are also above 1,500 yuan. DuPont Corian's market price: 2100 yuan/meter ~ 3500 yuan/meter. They only distribute goods to high-end brand cabinets, which means they can only buy them in high-end cabinet brand stores. Such as the Da Vinci cabinet from Italy.

At present, the general artificial quartz stone on the market: 700 yuan/m-1500 yuan/m, the best artificial quartz stone is Cyrite: ranging from 2180 to 3980/m, resin plate artificial stone The market price of countertops is about 400-700 yuan/meter. Composite acrylic artificial stone countertops: the market price is 700 yuan/meter to 1500 yuan/meter.

Artificial marble brand

Polaroid (reference price: 168-270)

It operates steadily in a processing belt sales model, It is very suitable for the development requirements of the artificial stone market. At present, artificial stone is mainly for cabinet companies. Large and small cabinet companies basically outsource the artificial stone, so cabinet companies are willing to accept this model. This has become the object of learning for many artificial stone companies.

Aowei (Reference price: 490-780)

From Guangzhou Aowei Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., it is one of the subsidiary companies of Oupai, which is a domestic cabinet industry Aircraft carriers, and cabinet countertops are currently the largest market for artificial stone. Almost all Ovi’s countertops come from Ovi, which has also achieved Ovi’s position in the artificial stone industry. With Ovi’s appeal, many middle and low-end cabinet vendors are also willing to choose Ovi’s artificial stone.

Mi Qili (Reference price: 490-780)

From Guangzhou Heatwave Co., Ltd., the product types are very rich, and its molding process and technology are quite good in China, but the market Development is not enough, and the service network needs to be improved.

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