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How about artificial marble countertops How about artificial marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-03

  Artificial marble countertop is one of the artificial stone, so how good is the artificial marble countertop? What is the price of the artificial marble countertop? What should you pay attention to when purchasing artificial marble countertops? Let's come together below Learn more about the artificial marble countertops.

How about    artificial marble countertops? How about artificial marble countertops?

   Artificial marble countertops are made of unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) or methyl methacrylate (MMA; commonly known as acrylic) is a composite material that uses natural ore powder (aluminum hydroxide) as a filler, adds pigments and other auxiliary agents, and is formed by vacuum casting or vacuum molding. The main feature of this material is that it is non-porous and homogeneous, and it can be made into a continuous countertop that is difficult to detect the joints. It can be maintained and innovated to restore the countertop product to its original state. It is a new type of green and environmentally friendly indoor room that is free of radioactive pollution and can be used repeatedly. Decoration information.

   is integrally poured, there is no gap between the baffle and the table, easy to clean, and not easy to accumulate.

   The appearance is smooth and smooth, and the performance is excellent.

  No radioactive materials, to ensure well-being.

What is the price of    artificial marble countertops

   In the past, kitchen artificial stone countertops did not get any major development opportunities, but in recent years The continuous rise of real estate in China has indirectly led to the rapid development of the kitchen countertop industry, and in all regions of the country, large and small countertop manufacturers have begun to gradually increase. At present, the price of artificial stone countertops in China is about 150 yuan per meter, and there are also 200 yuan or 220 yuan for one-meter countertops. This is a price calculated based on the area, and the range of specifications and sizes is also relatively wide; if it is a whole , Its price ranges from a few hundred yuan to thousands of yuan. This is the relatively common price of artificial stone countertops in China.

   artificial stone kitchen countertops artificial marble countertops acrylic artificial stone countertops

  Price: 650.00

   marble dining table countertops artificial marble countertops coffee table countertops

  Price: 190.00

How to buy artificial marble countertops

   Have a look: the color of the sample is pure and not turbid, and the appearance is not Similar to plastic texture, there are no small pores on the back of the board.

   Second smell: No pungent chemical smell in the nose.

  Three touches: The surface of the sample touched by hand has a silky feel, no astringency, and no obvious up and down unevenness.

   Four strokes: Use your nails to scratch the surface of the board without obvious scratches.


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