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How about artificial stone bathtub?

by:KingKonree     2019-12-13

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Advantages of wooden bathtub: It is made of wood hard, high density and good anti-corrosion material. The material of solid wood Yutong on the market is generally the most common with cedar. The solid wood bathtub gives a refreshing feeling, while it is also easier to clean, without static electricity, and environmentally friendly. Disadvantages: The selection of solid wood bathtub is more expensive, so the price is higher. And the wood needs maintenance and repair. If it is not handled properly, it will deform the leaking cast iron bathtub. Advantages: cast iron, enamel on the surface. It is not easy to produce noise when water is injected, and it is durable. Another big feature is the ease of cleaning, which saves you a lot of trouble. Disadvantages: Because the casting process is more complicated, the cast iron bathtub is generally simple but expensive, the price is too high, the weight is heavy, and it is difficult to install and transport. Acrylic bathtub advantages: organic material manufacturing, rich in shape, light weight, good finish, and cheaper, better insulation effect. When the purchaser thinks that the frequency of use of the bathtub is relatively low, or the house has to be renovated within a few years, the acrylic bathtub is more suitable because of its good cost performance. Disadvantages: low temperature resistance is not good, pressure resistance is not very good, not wearable, the surface is easy to be smashed by hard objects. Advantages of steel plate bathtub: The traditional material for making bathtub is made by stamping and forming the special steel plate, and then the surface is treated by enamel. Wear-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, between the cast iron bathtub and the acrylic bathtub. Long service life, cheaper price, overall cost-effective, many consumers prefer steel cylinders when decorating. Disadvantages: The insulation effect is not very good, and the noise is also relatively large when the water is injected. The shape is not as rich as acrylic, more monotonous. Finally, give you some advice. When choosing a bathtub, the first thing to consider is the brand and material, which are determined according to your actual needs. Secondly, the size and shape of the bathtub and the position of the tap hole are determined by the overall layout and objective size of the bathroom. Finally, Choose the style and comfort of the bathtub according to your interests and preferences.

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