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How about artificial stone cabinet countertops The latest price of artificial stone cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-01

  The most important thing in kitchen decoration is the choice of cabinets. Whether it is finished cabinets or custom cabinets, artificial stone countertops are often welcomed by many consumers. What are the advantages of this countertop? How about artificial stone cabinet countertops?

  [How about artificial stone countertops]

  1. Types of artificial stone countertops

   Generally speaking, there are five categories of artificial stone, namely crystal Jade board, aluminum powder board, composite acrylic board, pure acrylic board, quartz stone board. The mainstream is mainly artificial quartz stone countertops, pure acrylic countertops and composite acrylic countertops. Due to habit, although artificial quartz stone belongs to the general category of artificial stone, acrylic and other materials are still called artificial stone countertops in the market, and artificial quartz stone countertops are called quartz stone countertops, which are distinguished from other artificial stone countertops.

  2, the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone countertops

  (1), advantages and good processability:

   form a kitchen and bathroom As far as the beauty of the countertop is concerned, the artificial stone cannot be replaced. It can be bonded with the same quality and color, and the workability is almost integrated, which is not available in materials such as natural marble and quartz stone.

   The practicality of impermeability: artificial stone is also called polymer material, which has cabinet corrosion , The anti-permeability performance is more suitable for cabinet countertops and it is not unreasonable to be favored. (It is precisely the defect of natural marble).

   There is no worry about radiation: Compared with natural marble and artificial stone, there is no radiation, and there is no adverse effect on the human body.

  The color is bright and rich: the color is rich and changeable, and the choice is large, which is conducive to the combination of designers and meets individual needs

  (2), shortcomings:

   does not have resistance to bracing: artificial stone of any material, with a Barcol hardness between 58 and 62, cannot withstand sharp objects such as metals. (It can be re-polished and refurbished)

  [Latest artificial stone cabinet countertop price]

  1, the average price of quartz stone is 600 yuan/square meter

  Average market price: The average price of quartz stone is 600 yuan/square meter, and the price of the product varies with the quality. The lowest market for quartz stone is above 350, and the highest quartz stone is several thousand yuan per square meter. The price of our quartz stone kitchen countertops ranges from 350 yuan per square meter to more than 1,000. But some of the quartz stone cabinet countertops on the market are priced at 180 yuan per square meter, which are not made of real quartz stone. Generally, it is artificial granite, but it looks more like quartz stone. It is very poor in hardness and oil leakage. It is not environmentally friendly and toxic.

   Quartz countertop brand price: different brands have different market prices. For example, the average market price of Secalon quartz countertops is 2380 yuan per meter, and the average market price of U.S. DuPont cloud white quartz countertops 2600-2900 yuan/m, the average market price of Warner quartz stone cabinet countertops is 899 yuan/m, and the average market price of Xi Shilong quartz stone cabinet countertops is 1680 yuan/m.

  2, the price of artificial marble cabinet countertops

The price of artificial marble cabinet countertops is 200-400 yuan per meter per month in the artificial stone market.

  [Artificial stone cabinet countertop quality identification skills]

   Look at the appearance: first look at whether the color of the outer particles can be average, and if there are particles, see if the next layer can be vaguely seen The more you see the particles, the better. Second, look at the side: whether there are bubbles on the side of the kanban. If there is, it indicates that the quality ratio is low. A good board should be free of bubbles. The so-called solid surface material means that there are no tiny bubbles in the product, and the surface and the inside are high-density solid materials, which have excellent physical and chemical properties. If the purpose of cleaning the bubbles inside the product cannot be achieved during consumption, this product cannot be called For the real face material, the quality is naturally impossible to talk about. Finally, look at the thickness from the reverse side: the standard thickness of artificial stone should be 1.27mm, which is not even up to 1mm in quality (but some brands of artificial stone are not in this standard).

   Look at the cutting piece: The small piece (with a thickness of 2 mm) cut by the worker on-site installation, to see if it can be elastic, the better the elasticity and toughness, the better the quality, and the higher the price. (The composition of artificial stone contains resin, the content of resin directly affects its cost and price, and the smell of plastic will be smelled when cutting)

  Look at glue: all major brands of artificial stone The glue of the special device is marked with the words on the glue.

   Look at the reverse anti-counterfeiting: the reverse anti-counterfeiting of the big brand artificial stone is printed with inkjet codes, and the ordinary low-priced boards are 'covered' with a stamp.

  [How to make artificial stone cabinet countertops cleaner]

   Compared with other material countertops, artificial stone countertops have the characteristics of strong stain resistance, wear resistance, environmental protection and pollution-free. And there are no pores on the surface, making it easier to clean. Artificial stone countertop cleaning method:

  1. General stains: daily only need to use a damp cloth with a small amount of soft detergent to clean, and then dry it with a towel to prevent water stains from affecting the finish.

  2, stubborn stains: the cleaning of stubborn stains should be divided into different material surfaces, generally you need to polish the artificial stone countertop surface with a detergent, and then wipe it with a dry towel Dry, and finally polish with professional polishing materials to enhance the surface finish and wear resistance.

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