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How about artificial stone countertops Introduction to artificial stone countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-02

In the decoration of modern homes, there is no doubt that man-made is one of the main materials for kitchen countertops. This countertop is beautiful, generous, and hard, and it is very convenient to use. However, when consumers buy artificial stone countertops, there are several important inspection criteria, among which the price of artificial stone countertops is one of them. For the artificial stones on the market, the price difference is very big, some can reach several thousand yuan, while the cheap ones only cost a few hundred yuan.

How about    artificial stone countertops:

   Artificial stone countertops are rich in colors, integrally formed, and have good plasticity; and can truly realize seamless splicing, which can be Make any shape, the repairability is extremely strong; there are no pores on the surface, oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, strong anti-fouling power, easy to clean; lighter and thinner, can reduce the load-bearing of the cabinet and extend the service life; compared with natural stone , Artificial stone is not radioactive and has no adverse effects on the human body. However, the hardness is lower than that of natural stone, and the scratch resistance is poor; the naturalness is insufficient, and the texture is relatively fake; the technical threshold is low, and the defective products are flooded. The middle and low-end products also have the problems of fading and discoloration, poor aging resistance, and oil staining. They do not have high quality The advantages of artificial stone.

  Artificial stone countertop brand recommendation:

  1, Corian

   is from DuPont of the United States, he can be described as the instructor of artificial stone, in Europe and America Corian is widely used in prosperous countries such as countries, but only high-end consumer groups at home can afford it.

  2, Xingrong

   Xingrong is from Samsung in South Korea. Everyone knows about Samsung, but few people know about Samsung’s artificial stone. . It is true that Samsung of South Korea is an economic symbol. It is all-pervasive. It focuses on news and newspapers, to hospitals, hotels, to electronic machinery. In short, all aspects of Koreans' lives are related to Samsung. So we don't need to be the same as Samsung Electronics. Xingrong is recognized all over the world by virtue of the appeal of the Samsung brand.

  3, Monterey

  The representative of domestic artificial stone, its status in China is like Corian in the world. The original intention was to compete with foreign products, but was later defeated by domestic counterparts. The artificial stone competition environment was bad, consumers did not understand artificial stone, and the whole industry fell into price chaos. In 2004, it had to be acquired by DuPont. With the support and efforts of DuPont, it was rejuvenated. With the two series of Milan stone and Nordic impression, it firmly occupied the domestic high-end market of artificial stone.

  4, Shengmei

   is from Guangzhou Shengmei Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. In the past, after the artificial stone was developed in Monterey, a large number of artificial stone enterprises in the country, especially in the coastal areas of Guangdong, emerged. With the baptism of big waves and sand, what is left, Shengmei is one of them. In the past two years, the profit of artificial stone has decreased, and the company intends to turn to the upstream field of artificial stone application-cabinets and bath cabinets. In addition, there are several other types of artificial stone countertop prices, such as composite acrylic artificial stone, the price is between 800-1600 yuan per meter, as to how to choose, you should choose according to the family's economic strength.

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