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How about bathroom marble countertops? Is the bathroom marble countertops good?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-29

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the pursuit of quality in the bathroom. Therefore, various bathroom countertops with exquisite appearance and various styles have become a matter for many owners and friends to consider in the decoration. The marble countertop is one of the most common bathroom countertops.

The advantages of bathroom marble countertops

First of all, marble itself is a kind of high-end luxury that can bring a sense of luxury to the room Stone, so used in the bathroom, can create an aristocratic style.

Secondly, the marble radioactivity detection indicators are extremely small and can be completely ignored. In the national standard 'Limits of Radionuclides in Building Materials' (GB6566-2010), decoration materials including marble are divided into three categories: A, B, and C. The natural radionuclides radium-226, thorium-232, and potassium- The radioactive specific activity of 40 meets the requirements of IRa (internal exposure index) ≤ 1.0 and Iγ (external exposure index) ≤ 1.3 at the same time as Class A, and its production, marketing and use range is not restricted; Class B and C have lower requirements. The radioactivity index of natural marble is about 0.02, which is similar to soil, only one-fifth of the national standard Class A index, which is completely negligible, and its value is far superior to other commonly used decorative materials. In my country's current marble product standards 'Natural Marble Blocks' (JC/T202-2011) and 'Natural Marble Building Slabs' (GB/T19766-2005), there is no mandatory test for the radioactivity of marble products, indicating that it does not need to be tested.

Natural marble: Since bathroom cabinets are generally not too large and do not need to be shaped, the use of natural marble does not require seaming and bonding, and the bathroom There will be no oil stains in the cabinet, so the shortcomings of natural marble that cannot be jointed and penetrated do not exist in the application of bathroom countertops. Therefore, natural marble can be selected for bathroom countertops with simple shapes.

Artificial marble: There is no high temperature in the bathroom, and there is no strong impact on the countertop. The threat of oil penetration is also small, so the general artificial marble countertop can be used for the bathroom countertop.

How to install the basin on the marble countertop in the bathroom

1. Copy the opening diagram on the marble countertop and use a pen Trace the opening line on the marble countertop to be cut. Note: The installation space for the faucet to install the water supply pipe, drain, water inlet valve, etc. should be reserved under the marble table.

2. After drawing the marble opening line, drill a hole in the cutting opening, then cut the table along the inside of the drawn cutting line, and grind the cutting edge smoothly.

3. Put the basin into the cutting hole of the marble countertop, correct the position, and use a pencil to draw an outline on the countertop along the outer edge of the basin.

4. Remove the bottom basin, and install the faucet and drainer according to the requirements.

5. Evenly wipe the glass glue on the table surface between the edge line of the basin and the cutting edge.

6. Install the basin on the countertop and check whether its position is accurate, then flatten the basin and wipe off the excess glass glue on the edge of the basin.

7. After the glass glue is dry, connect the water inlet pipe fittings and the drain pipe fittings. When connecting the water inlet fittings, the water in the pipeline should be drained for 3~5 minutes to clean the pipeline and prevent the inside of the pipeline. The sand and other debris blocked the angle valve and the water outlet of the faucet.

It can be said that the marble countertop is a kind of countertop that is very suitable for installation in the bathroom. It is waterproof, fireproof, high temperature and moisture proof, and the texture is hard and waterproof. So if you want to choose a countertop product that is easier to maintain, then marble countertops will be a good choice.

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