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How about composite acrylic countertop Features of composite acrylic countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-24

  There are many countertop materials in the market. We want to choose a better countertop material when we buy. Composite acrylic countertop is a popular countertop material. So, how about composite acrylic countertop? , What are the characteristics of composite acrylic countertops? What should we pay attention to when purchasing? Let's take a look together below.

How about   composite acrylic countertop

  composite acrylic, which is mixed with some artificial stone components in the material, and it is between the resin material and the acrylic material , So it is also called artificial stone composite acrylic. The composite acrylic countertop adopts the pure acrylic production method, but the difference is that the resin is added as the ingredient, which has better flexibility and high strength, and the price of the acrylic countertop produced by this method is relatively moderate. .

   is modified with high-quality unsaturated resin and MMA, and the artificial stone produced with ultrafine aluminum hydroxide as the filler is a composite acrylic artificial stone. The confluence aluminum hydroxide filler is vacuum cast. The stone has good toughness and can withstand large temperature differences without cracking.

  Characteristics of composite acrylic countertop

  1. Composite acrylic is a solid surface material, non-porous, impermeable, good toughness, yellowing resistance;

  2, absolutely environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radiation, tabletops that can be in direct contact with food;

  3, strong against water, oil, pollution, and bacteria The resistance is easy to clean;

  4, the hand feels warm, resistant to cold and heat, impact resistance, sturdiness and durability, and does not deform.

How to choose   composite acrylic countertop

  The unique toughness and fineness of composite acrylic artificial stone, but also has high strength, and the price is moderate; In terms of grindability, etc., it is not as good as pure acrylic artificial stone.

   Broadly speaking, all countertops made of synthetic stone are artificial stone countertops. In this way, there are many types of artificial stone countertops. The main artificial stone countertop products on the market usually refer to acrylic artificial stone countertops and artificial stone quartz countertops. Acrylic artificial stone countertops are often referred to simply as artificial stone countertops.

  Acrylic countertops are divided into pure acrylic and composite acrylic. Some salespersons will use the ignorance of consumers to sell composite acrylic solid surface materials as pure acrylic surface materials. In terms of performance, pure acrylic countertops are better than composite acrylic countertops, and the price is higher. Consumers should pay attention to distinguish carefully when purchasing.


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