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How about Double Happiness Table Tennis Table Classification of Double Happiness Table Tennis Table

by:KingKonree     2021-04-09

   Indoor table tennis is a whole-body sport that is not affected by the weather. Competitive challenges are full of fun. It requires a lot of exercise for people. It is a sport that combines mental and physical strength. do you know? Double Happiness table tennis table is the most influential table tennis table brand in China. How about the Double Happiness table tennis table?

  [How about the Double Happiness Table Tennis Table]

   Double Happiness is one of the few sports brands with international influence in China.

   In 1959, Rong Guotuan won the first world championship for China-the men’s singles champion of the 25th World Table Tennis Championships (World Table Tennis Championships). In the same year, Beijing won the 26th World Table Tennis Championships. The right to host. 'Using Chinese equipment in international competitions held in China' has become the dream of the Chinese people. In the same year, a complete set of table tennis equipment including tables, balls, and referee equipment in compliance with international standards was designed in Shanghai and was certified and approved by the International Table Tennis Federation.

   1959 is the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. As a commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the National Day of China and the Rong Guotuan’s first world championship, it was named 'Double Happiness' by Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, using the traditional Chinese Double Happiness pattern. Trademark, literally translated into DOUBLE HAPPINESS in English. Two years later, the 26th World Table Tennis Championships all used Double Happiness equipment. Red Double Happiness has become the first sports brand in China to enter the top competitions.

  [Classification of Double Happiness Table Tennis Tables]

   The existing Double Happiness brand tables can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  1 , International Classic Series Table Tennis Table: Approved by ITTF, adopting international specifications, suitable for major international and domestic competitions. Including rainbow series table, T1223, T1024;

  2, standard sports table tennis table: the product model starts with 2. It adopts international specifications and is approved by the China Table Tennis Association (C.T.T.A). It is suitable for professional competitions and training. Especially the Double Happiness T2828 foldable Little Rainbow table tennis table is the most famous and popular among golfers.

  3. Fitness-type table tennis table: including the Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA) approved table starting with 3 and adopting international specifications, as well as veneer tables, family tables and outdoor tables , Suitable for training or amateur competition, fitness and table tennis room, etc.; such as TM3188 table.

  4, veneer table: the use of new veneer materials, with high elasticity and high wear resistance, so that the table surface is not easy to leave marks, scratch and waterproof. It is convenient to move, does not occupy space, and is suitable for family use;

  5. Small entertainment table: Mini multi-purpose, occupies only one-third of the ordinary table, suitable for small venues and small space occasions such as families;

  6. Outdoor table: anti-corrosion, acid rain resistance, not easy to age, comprehensively solve the shortcomings of traditional outdoor table;

  7, Paris purple series table: new color table design, because It was named after it was used in the 2013 Paris World Table Tennis Championships.

  【Ping-pong table net device】

   (1) The net device includes the net, the hanging rope, the net post and fixing them on The clamp part on the ball table;

   (2) The net should be hung on a rope. The ends of the rope should be tied to an upright net post with a height of 15.25 cm. The outer edge of the net post is away from the outer edge of the sideline. The distance is 15.25 cm;

   (3) The top of the entire net is 15.25 cm away from the playing surface;

   (4) The bottom edge of the entire net should be as close to the playing surface as possible. The two ends should be as close to the net post as possible.

   (5) The four sides of the table should be painted with a 0.02-meter-wide white line, and there should be a 0.003-meter-wide midline parallel to the long side of the table in the middle of the table.

  [What are the benefits of playing table tennis?]

  1. Safety Because table tennis is against the net, it has more physical contact than football, basketball, etc. Sports events are more secure, suitable for middle-aged and elderly enthusiasts who like to exercise.

  2. Ping-pong exercise can fully exercise the human body, so that the human body's respiratory system, digestive system and sports system can be fully exercised.

  3, puzzle table tennis not only develops the body’s physical fitness such as speed, agility, strength, endurance, coordination, etc., but also exercises and cultivates people’s bravery, tenacity, wit, decisiveness, etc. Psychological quality.

  4. Collaborative table tennis makes people react faster, thinks sharper, and moves more coordinated. Doubles in table tennis matches can also strengthen the spirit of teamwork and cultivate a sense of tacit understanding between the two.

  5. Playing table tennis comfortably can also regulate people's emotions, make people happy, cheerful and generous; it can develop human brain intelligence, improve thinking ability, and promote intellectual development.

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