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How about kitchen fireproof board countertops kitchen fireproof board countertop prices

by:KingKonree     2021-04-26

  The kitchen fireproof board countertop is a countertop product that we often use in the market. So how about kitchen fireproof board countertops? What is the price of kitchen fireproof board countertops? What are the better brands of kitchen fireproof board countertops? Let's take a look at the related situation of kitchen fireproof board countertops.

  How about kitchen fireproof board countertops

  The cabinet fireproof board is able to flame-retardant the fire source, will not be burnt by the fire source, fireproof board material It is based on HPL thermosetting resin, siliceous materials, and calcium materials, mixed with some proportions of fibers, fusing agents, chemical additives, etc., and then undergoes a technical pressing process to form a sheet. The birth of cabinet fireproof board is used by more and more consumers, and the development prospect is very big.

The first advantage of    cabinet fireproof board countertops is fire protection, which is one of the main factors in the production of fireproof board countertops. As the mainstream fireproof board for cabinets in the current market, it is waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and fire-resistant. Because the fireproof board is a kind of medium density board, the surface is relatively hard. It will not be polluted and will not appear in the kitchen, which is a place of oily smoke. Fading, etc. In terms of maintenance, you can directly scrub with alkaline water or soapy water; in terms of environmental protection, it does not radiate and does not have any hazards.

   At present, the cabinet fireproof boards on the building materials market are of uneven quality, and shoddy phenomenon frequently occurs. So how to judge the cabinet fireproof board countertop, one of which is elasticity, because the material of the cabinet fireproof board is higher medium density board, so in terms of the bearing capacity of the item, it can carry heavy items and will not appear Cracks or cracks, it is precisely because of the strong advantages of this elastic that the cabinet fire board is trusted by consumers in the market.

  Kitchen fireproof board countertop price

  1, Suzhou Gongying Purification Fireproof Class A Rock Wool Color Steel Plate Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Application range: Partition wall ceiling material: rock wool

  Reference price: 58.00/m²

  2, Huarui Zhongke insulation building materials fireproof aluminum silicate board, fireproof aluminum silicate board Class A Fireproof and thermal insulation aluminum silicate board

  Use temperature: 1000℃ Core material: Aluminum silicate fiber cotton

  Reference price: 3500.00/ton

  Kitchen fireproof board countertop brand recommendation

  1, Formica Fireproof Board. Formica, the inventor of the refractory board, has always maintained a leading position in design, and celebrated the brand's 100th anniversary with the brand new iconic Formica refractory board series. Although the Centennial Collection follows the brand tradition, the pattern design of the product is unique in the market. The pattern of each Centennial Series product will incorporate the exquisite watermark design of the Formica brand in the same color as the product.

  2Grinya. Affiliated to Shenzhen Century Chuangzhan Decoration Materials Development Co., Ltd., the refractory board is made with imported raw materials and advanced equipment. Gelinya is a leading domestic high-quality refractory board supplier, a well-known enterprise specializing in advanced refractory board, and original creation of Gelinya GEEENIA advanced decorative refractory Offset registered brand.

  3WIA. It is a world-renowned multinational company that manufactures and sells surface finishing materials. She started in Texas, USA in 1956 and is now a member of the Fortune 500 Illinois Tool Company (ITW), and her market share in the United States and the world has been far ahead.


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