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How about Oupai cabinets

by:KingKonree     2021-04-13

  As long as the friends who have a little knowledge of the cabinet industry should know that Oupai Kitchen is the first to introduce the concept of European 'integrated kitchen' into China, and it is one of the well-known brands of integrated cabinets in China. Now let's talk about the Oupai cabinets?

  Oupai cabinet is a famous product in the cabinet industry manufactured by Oupai Home Furnishing. Ranked among the best in the country, if the reason for the success of Oupai, then the beginning of the start must be one of the key points. As the first company to introduce integrated cabinets into the country, it is not only leading the starting point, but also under the expectation of globalization. Create Oupai cabinets that are more suitable for home life.

  How good is the Oupai cabinet?

  1, Oupai is still quite reliable, and the quality after-sales is good in all aspects.

  2, Oupai’s quality is still good , It is guaranteed, most people are now Oupai.

  3. Oupai is one of the top cabinet brands in China, similar to Fangtai cabinets, and the quality is definitely first-class. However, Oupai cabinets are definitely expensive. If the home is economical and expensive, it is worth buying high-quality cabinets.

Introduction to   Oupai cabinets

  Oupai cabinets are designed according to the structure, area, and individual needs of family members. There are three common cabinet shapes:


   (1) 'One'-shaped cabinets

   All cabinets are arranged in a line along a wall, giving people a simple and lively feeling. It is suitable for the owner’s personal choice or a long and narrow kitchen, some of which are more prepared. Simple families also like this form.

   (2) 'L'-shaped cabinets

   is suitable for smaller and more square kitchens. The cabinets are installed close to the wall, and the working space is arranged in a compact and orderly manner. If the place permits, a dining table can also be placed to form a dining area; it can be used as an operating table for sitting and doing some cooking preparations; it can also be used as a dining area, which is very convenient to use.

  (3) 'U'-shaped cabinet

   is suitable for a larger rectangular kitchen, and the working triangle area is properly configured. Everything is readily available. The cabinet, work space and storage area are all very comfortable. The open U-shaped layout separates and connects the kitchen work area and the living room entertainment area, increases the depth and breadth of the space, and achieves the effect of combining aesthetics and space. Now there are some changes in the above three forms, such as corridor style, island shape, and embedded style. It should be noted that when adopting a 'U'-shaped kitchen, the distance between them must be at least 800mm.

  Oupai cabinet price

  1, Oupai cabinet Jane Eyre series, cabinet style: modern and simple, cabinet size: 2.5 meters

  Oupai cabinet official website price Reference: 10,800 yuan

  2, the price list of Oupai whole cabinets: Prague Love series modern and simple

   Oupai cabinets official website reference price: 4200 yuan

  3 , Linnada modern and simple price list of Oupai cabinets

The reference price of    Oupai cabinets official website: 4400 yuan

After reading the above article introduction, I hope it will help you in your life.

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