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How about quartz stone cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-10

   When decorating the kitchen, the current owners pay attention to the choice of cabinet countertops. In most cases, consumers and friends will choose quartz stone cabinet countertops, because quartz stone cabinet countertops have many advantages. So, after all How about quartz stone cabinet countertops?

How about   quartz stone cabinet countertops

  Quartz stone cabinet countertops-not scratching

  As we all know, there are many things on the countertop of the cabinet, and it is inevitable that there will be scratches in daily life. If the countertop of the cabinet is scratched, the aesthetics will also be affected. Quartz stone countertops have relatively high hardness and are not easy to be scratched.

  Quartz stone cabinet countertops-no pollution

  Quartz stone countertops are produced under vacuum, so their density is relatively high. The water absorption rate is relatively small, which can effectively resist the corrosion of acid and alkali substances.

  Quartz stone cabinet countertops-longer service life

   Quartz stone will not be like other material countertops after being used for a period of time due to scratches, or It is corrosion and other conditions that cause the color to fade. Quartz stone will keep the surface smooth no matter how long it is used. If the table area has accumulated ashes or dirt for a long time, it can be cleaned with detergent. It really doesn't work, you can also scrape it with a knife.

  Quartz stone cabinet countertops-flame retardant

   In the kitchen, the easiest and most taboo thing is fire. If the cabinet is made of flammable materials, it can obviously help Fire provides fuel, and quartz stone is completely incombustible, which avoids fire to a certain extent.

  Quartz stone cabinet countertops-Disadvantages

   has a single shape, can't do complex shapes, problems and bumps are not easy to repair. Because of the high hardness and density of quartz, it cannot be seamlessly spliced, and it is not easy to make complex shapes.

How to choose    cabinet countertops

   One, brand cabinets

   such as the first-line brand cabinets in the market, although relatively speaking , The selling price will be higher than other brands in the market, but consumers can trust this brand of cabinets in terms of product material, design, and after-sales service.

  二. Marble cabinets

The material of    cabinet countertops will directly affect the price of cabinet countertops. Natural marble is favored by many customers for its heavy, rich color and natural texture. Although the price of cabinet countertops of this material is slightly higher, due to the diversity of colors, it can meet the needs of users of all ages, and all of them are more popular among consumers.

  The texture and color of artificial marble are very similar to natural marble, but the price of cabinet countertops is obviously lower than that of natural marble. Some consumers may also consider artificial Marble cabinet countertops.

  三. Stainless steel cabinets

   Some avant-garde young people or consumers who pursue more environmentally friendly materials will choose stainless steel cabinet countertops. This countertop is because of the integrated lines and green The overall design of environmental protection, so the price of cabinet countertops is relatively high, and the price of some large imported brands will be higher. For the average working class, the main consideration should be considered when choosing this stainless steel cabinet countertop. Budget, design, and all subsequent additional costs for accessories, in the case of sufficient funds, can still consider the use of this kind of cabinet countertops.

   In short, quartz stone cabinet countertops still have many advantages, because each product will have its own advantages and disadvantages. This is also very normal. This is how about quartz stone cabinet countertops. The above is all the content of the article we introduced for you.

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