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How about solid wood cabinet countertops solid wood cabinet prices

by:KingKonree     2021-04-22

A good cabinet must have a good countertop. The price of cabinet countertops is generally more expensive. Moreover, in today’s cabinet market, cabinet countertops have a wide variety of materials with varying quality. Many materials contain moisture. What material should be chosen for cabinet countertops? Become a problem. Solid wood cabinets are a kind of cabinets that are very popular among buyers in the furniture market. This is a kind of cabinet made of solid wood as raw material. The overall structure includes the cabinet body, cabinet countertops and hardware accessories. The reason why this type of cabinet is loved by many people is that it is natural and beautiful as a whole, with a certain texture pattern, which makes people feel very high-end.

   In order to be close to nature, the kitchen often uses the color of raw wood to create a rustic style. In order to have complete intimate contact with nature, pure wood has also begun to be used as a countertop. After processing into different beautiful shapes, at the same time, some harder woods such as oak and oak wood are the best choice among all countertops. This kind of pure wood countertops is currently popular in Europe and America, but it is still relatively rare in China. Disadvantages: The wood has large gaps and is easier to hide dirt and dirt. At the same time, it is easy to be corroded by water. Suitable for the crowd: users who are extremely tasteful and the kitchen utilization rate is not high.

  The quality and structure of the countertops when purchasing furniture such as cabinets is a problem that buyers are very concerned about, not just wondering how solid wood cabinet countertops look like this Problem, other types of cabinets will also have considerations for countertops. So, what about the countertops of solid wood cabinets? When we are looking at the quality of the tabletop, we can identify it through the following aspects. Solid wood countertops are generally composed of softwood or hardwood. The choice of these two types of wood will affect the quality of the countertop.

   Generally speaking, hardwood is relatively hard and dense, so in a great sense, it is not easy to deform in later use. However, it is relatively more difficult to process, and the cost is higher, so the price is relatively higher. On the contrary, the countertop made of cork will easily deform and become ugly in the later stage of use, and the service life is relatively short. So when distinguishing the solid wood cabinet countertops, we figure out whether it is hardwood or softwood according to our price. Don't buy softwood products for the price of hardwood.

  Solid wood cabinet price:

  Europe cabinet sweet beginning full version ¥8999.06

  Europe whole cabinet Katyusha¥ 1000.020

  European whole cabinet Tran Snow ¥1000.07

  European Cabinet Private Enjoying Home ¥13688.05

   Belle Aijia Cabinet Korea Trace Gold ¥2380.00


  Opai whole cabinet royal compliment ¥1000.01

  Zhibang whole cabinet Royal Court Series-The Hague Royal Court ¥1000.01

   Xin Nuowei Sky cupboard WT-XNH02¥12800

   Xinnuoweitian cupboard WT-HYT01¥20800

   Xinnuoweitian cupboard WT-HYM01¥11800

  European white Oak solid wood cabinet SM0101¥3280.00

  White solid wood cabinet ¥16800.00

  European whole cabinet Lugang town ¥1000.01

  Euromonitor modern style custom kitchen cabinet love Grid plate ¥44400

  Galian American whole cabinet North American red cherry pure solid wood Y01 type ¥17900

  Galian flat kitchen cabinet SQL696¥16400

  Plus Li'an Cabinet Fraxinus mandshurica monolithic cabinet SQ04¥16400

   Xinnuoweitian solid wood monolithic cabinet WT-GM02¥11000

   hope that through the introduction of the article, it will be helpful to the owners who are about to renovate With some help, the decoration of the new home is exquisite and warm. I wish everyone a happy life.

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