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how company silos can destroy the customer experience

by:KingKonree     2020-10-17
As an avid traveler and hotel loyalty planner, I often find myself living in a city more than once.
That\'s how I noticed that a hotel had replaced the faucet in the bathroom sink.
That\'s a good tap. --
Of course, upgrading.
That\'s probably why I noticed it.
But I didn\'t really think about it until I ironed my shirt the next morning.
I tried to fill the iron under the new tap with water, but the iron was not suitable.
I have to be creative to hold a meeting in half an hour.
I put my hand away as a funnel and put water into the iron. it worked.
Later I was asked why I didn\'t just use cups in the sink, but that wasn\'t the point.
I was under a lot of pressure because I couldn\'t iron my shirt, so I went according to my first plan.
Facts have proved that the key to the problem is that this is the failure of the hotel\'s customer experience. In fact, this is to improve the customer experience. --
Remember, the new faucet is an aesthetic upgrade.
How did this happen?
The most likely answer is that the person responsible for the iron is not the same person as the person responsible for the tap, and they don\'t talk to each other.
These silos are found in most companies, and they are the main cause of customer crux.
It\'s worth noting that frustrated customers are more likely to share their feelings on social media than satisfied customers.
The second major problem is that the hotel did not consider it. (obvious)
Use case of bathroom sink.
This list is not long, so every use case should be reviewed to ensure that the new faucet meets their needs: unlike when I make macaroni and cheese in the sink, or some other unplanned crazy scenario.
Because most hotels have an iron in their rooms, to be fair, they have anticipated this use case.
However, the change in the tap prevented me from ironing my shirt anyway.
Even in an isolated company, it\'s important for everyone to stop and think about how customers will experience specific parts of the journey that this person monitors.
In this particular case, the person in charge of the faucet can easily take out half of it. -
More than a dozen use cases listed above;
They are not particularly complex.
If they do, they will choose different faucet models.
Enterprise silos are the killers of customer experience, because customers do not care about the way the company is organized.
They just see a flowing experience. --their own.
If you find yourself managing a Slow Memory, a simple first step is to think about what customers are doing and what they will do immediately after the particular experience you are experiencing.
It\'s a much easier task to manage than trying to reshape the entire customer journey every time you change any experience, and at least you can ensure that the internal and external transformation of part of the experience is seamless.
If everyone did this, silos would not matter.
It is also essential that everyone in the team have a clear customer itinerary map.
Many companies skipped the step of developing travel maps because it was time-consuming and laborious. -consuming.
But letting yourself stand on the client\'s side and understand every step of their journey is the most reliable way to identify and resolve the pain points in the process.
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