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how gray water reclamation works

by:KingKonree     2020-10-19
While the details of the gray water change or filtration system may vary greatly, several basic steps are usually used. A hand-
In many systems, the start-up valve is an important first step, especially in a more basic diversion system.
This valve allows people to decide when to transfer the water from the bathroom sink, bathtub or washing machine to the garden and when to enter the sewage system or septic tank.
This level of regulation is very convenient to avoid overwatering during heavy rain or to send harmful chemicals or diaper water to the garden.
When the gray water is diverted to the plumbing system, the first stop it goes to the garden is a basic filter-
Usually a mesh screen. -
Eliminate the larger particles before entering the surge tank.
Surge tanks help adjust the flow by temporarily storing a large amount of gray water.
This helps to ensure that the value of the tub\'s drainage does not rush to the garden at once, while also preventing the tub from coming back home.
The gray water can reach two places from the working surge water tank: go out to the garden or go through a set of sewers.
Bottom drain and overflow drain (see above)
Working like a peer in a bathroom sink, the central drain provides constant drainage at the bottom, while the higher overflow drain prevents the water from rising to unwanted levels.
The drain pipe on the surge tank is always open because it is not a tank.
To prevent it from turning black water, any excess water left at the bottom must be allowed to be discharged into the sewage system.
At this point, the remaining gray water flows to the garden or into the filtration system.
The range and price of the filter system vary greatly.
A more advanced system actually allows the re-treatment of ash water
Was sent back home for toilet, washing machine and even cooling system.
Some people don\'t need a surge tank yet.
The simpler filtration system is just to further eliminate unwanted chemicals and grease before water reaches the plant.
Many of them just let the gray water pass through a box of layered sand, dirt, or charcoal.
But how do you deliver the ash water to the underground root system?
For this reason, there are two methods commonly used for underground irrigation: But regardless of the scope or cost, the most important part of any ash water recovery system is the people and plants who share the water.
There are no common standards for wastewater reuse, so most of them depend on individual needs and levels of commitment.
In addition, the technology, methods and laws to control the recycling of ash water are constantly changing.
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