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How high the wall cabinet is from the countertop is more appropriate

by:KingKonree     2021-04-25

  The countertop is a link that we cannot ignore when we decorate the kitchen. Then when we install the countertop, how high the wall cabinet should be from the countertop is more appropriate, what is the width of the countertop, we are buying it How to choose the time? Let's take a look together below.

   How high is the wall cabinet from the countertop is more appropriate

  (1), first determine the height of the floor cabinet

   The current cabinet can Customization, so the most suitable cabinet can be customized according to the height and usage habits of the user. First, determine the height of the cabinet base cabinet according to the height. The general base cabinet height standard is as follows: the height is below 165cm, the base cabinet height is 80cm-82cm; the height is above 165cm, the base cabinet height is 85cm.

  (2) Determine the height of the wall cabinet

   As mentioned earlier, according to the rise of Chinese women, the height of the floor cabinet is generally designed at 80 -85cm, the height of the wall cabinet itself is about 65~78cm. The height of Chinese women is about 160CM, and in actual operation, it can reach a height of about 175CM. Generally, it is necessary to be able to reach the middle part of the wall cabinet. In this case, the calculated countertop is 50-60cm from the middle distance of the wall cabinet, which can ensure a spacious operating area and facilitate access to the items.

   But you shouldn’t be too constrained to the above numbers. The most effective way to ensure the convenience of later use is to let the person in charge of cooking in the family install the wall cabinet to perform a field test. Is the height appropriate?

How appropriate is the width of the countertop?

   Now people have more and more requirements for the aesthetics of kitchen decoration, and the kitchen countertop plays a decisive role. The robustness of stainless steel countertops is recognized by everyone, and their cleaning work is relatively convenient and simple. The color of the countertop of this material is relatively single, and the style in the design and production is relatively monotonous, but its price is relatively close to the people. It has been recognized and favored by consumers. The only disadvantage of this material is that it lacks a certain warm feeling. For those fashionable and young friends, few people would choose this material for the countertop. On the contrary, the countertop made of fireproof board is recognized by people in the market.

   Because the height of the people who cook in the kitchen is different, so the width of the kitchen countertop also has a different choice. Generally, the width of standard kitchen countertops is best to leave ten centimeters more. Ten centimeters of extra cabinets can protect the quality and safety of the cabinets, and it is more convenient for people to use. And the height of the kitchen countertop? It is best to be easy between 500 and 600. In this way, people will be more comfortable when they are cooking.

  How to choose a countertop

   When purchasing an artificial stone countertop, first observe whether the color of the product is pure and whether the permeability is sufficient Great. If the surface has a grainy feel similar to plastic and there are small pores on the back of the board, then you need to be particularly vigilant, because such a product is obviously flawed. It not only affects the aesthetics, but may even have potential problems in quality. The price of such artificial stone countertops is usually very low. In order not to affect family life, it is best not to buy such products.

   When buying, it is necessary to measure the size of the cabinet countertop. If the size is too large or too small, it is inappropriate and will affect the overall effect. Only a reasonable size can bring out the characteristics of the cabinet. In addition, many people will pay attention to the price of cabinet countertops when buying cabinets. The price of the cabinets affects people’s attention. Therefore, the size of cabinets should be paid attention to in the process of purchasing cabinets. In addition, the cabinet countertops should be selected. Some are made of other materials, so you should consider more comprehensively when choosing.


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