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how is golden brand Dresser

by:KingKonree     2021-04-09

  In the field of cabinet furniture, the gold medal kitchen cabinet can be regarded as a relatively good brand, and it has a history of more than ten years. Gold kitchen cabinets have always provided high-quality products to create a comfortable kitchen environment for consumers, so that every user of gold kitchen cabinets can easily cook the taste of life. Now let’s talk about the gold cabinets?

How about   Golden cabinets

  Golden cabinets are a brand under Xiamen Jianpan Kitchen Co., Ltd. The company was established On March 18, 1999, in the Chinese market, the gold cabinet brand took the mid-to-high-end route. Among the cabinet brands in the world, it is one of the three major brands, and among the Chinese cabinet brands, it is the station. The brand at the highest point. It has a number of practical and innovative patents in terms of patented technology, and in terms of design patents, it is deeply loved by consumers because of its design patents.

   In addition, in the cabinet industry, the gold cabinet is the first to take charge of the high-tech subject of the '863 Program'. In order to make the product quality better, the gold cabinet also introduced international technology and hired Germany. Well-known cabinet design experts, through such development, made the brand of gold cabinets not only deeply loved by the domestic market, but also won the favor of overseas consumers. In the Chinese market, the gold medal cabinet has many successful cases, and it also has a special production line matching the kitchen and bathroom engineering, and has formulated a complete set of design, production, installation and after-sales treatment plans for the hardcover engineering. We are striding forward to the world's top brand of fine decoration.

  We have learned so much about the gold cabinets. From this we can also understand that the gold cabinets are quite high-end brands, so the price is definitely higher than other cabinet brands, even though the product prices Expensive, but its price-performance ratio is still very high. If you have a good economic advantage and want to enjoy high-quality cabinets, then gold cabinets are a very good choice.

  Golden Cabinet Reference

  Modern Style-High-quality Gold Cabinet

How about this gold cabinet The main material of this gold cabinet is composed of moisture-proof and moisture-proof board and hard, high-strength artificial stone. The simple and elegant wild rose fashionable door panel, coupled with white countertops, adds a fashionable vitality and tension to the kitchen. It's just that this gold cabinet should avoid rubbing with hard objects to avoid damaging the countertop of the cabinet, and it should also avoid prolonged contact with high-temperature objects to avoid damaging the countertop.

  Gold medal cabinet price reference: ¥11421 (this site direct price: ¥5857)

  Modern style-U-shaped gold cabinet

   This gold medal cabinet is mainly made up of Composed of moisture-proof board, crystal and artificial stone, the door is made of MDF as the base material, environmentally friendly baking varnish, brushed aluminum wire drawing, and integrated with the door. The wall cabinet and wall cabinet have a more layered texture, and the price of gold cabinets is cheaper. However, do not allow chemicals to come into contact with the artificial stone countertops of the gold cabinets, so as to prevent the artificial stone countertops from discoloring.

  Gold medal cabinet custom price reference: ¥195 (this site direct price: ¥100)

  Modern style-quartz countertop gold cabinet

  How about this gold cabinet In this way, the overall kitchen is warm and warm, and the lazy comfort is full of elegance. The U-shaped design continues the flexible operating space curve. The classic combination of black quartz stone and white cabinet door panels controls the center of gravity and balance of color. However, this gold-brand cabinet needs to be careful not to come into contact with chemicals. Do not store volatile chemicals in the cabinet to avoid discoloration of the plates and corrosion of the metal parts. The price of the gold cabinet is relatively cheap.

  Gold medal cabinet custom price reference: ¥195 (the direct selling price of this site: ¥100)

  Modern style-L type Gold cabinets

   How about this gold cabinet, light yellow air gold cabinet wall cabinet, large area use of anti-carving, wear-resistant, flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistant love family board, L-shaped design partition It's your own simple world, where you are relaxed and comfortable. Do not put high-temperature items directly on the artificial stone countertops during the use of gold cabinets, but use heat insulation pads to prevent the artificial stone countertops from being scalded and damaged.

  Gold medal cabinet custom price reference: ¥195 (the direct selling price of this site: ¥100)

  After reading the above article introduction, I hope to bring help to your life.

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