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How Many Types Of Wash Basin Are There?


A long time ago, the type and function of wash basin was very simple. Shape of wash basin is a small round dish with a large mouth and a small bottom. People use it to wash clothes, wash their faces, wash their hands, hold items, etc.In today's age and time, there are some aesthetic galore of wash basins that are available readily in the market. The customers can read the reviews in many online sites as well before running errands from shop to another shop in brick and mortar shopping models. Once they choose the right brand and the type of wash basin model like wash basin counter, the bathroom sinks according to their bathroom layout and decor, they can quickly assemble them with a trained plumber which requires less installation time and use it right away.


The following article will introduce you to the various wash basins on the market today.

1.types and functions of wash basin.

2.how to choose practical wash basin for your yourself.

3.good experience with good wash basin.


1. types and functions of wash basin.

Whether you are renovating a bathroom or adding an additional wash basin to your living plus dining area, there are a lot of varieties and materials to choose from.

(1)Over Counter Wash Basins

When talking about new fashionable wash basins, these standalone basins top the list of chic and trendy basin collections in the beautiful ceramic finish and bold patterns.With attached faucets that are matching with the base design gives a flawless trendy look that is sure an eye-catcher for anyone who sees your basin.These are portable bathroom sink which means it can be quickly moved to any of your bathroom or patio where you need a single water inlet to install them. They come in different sizes and also the colour and pattern can be customized according to your existing bathroom designer themes.

One of the range of over counter or tabletop basins is wash basin which comes in a rectangular shape that gives a sharp flawless design However, they are priced high when compared to its counterparts due to the high-quality ceramic material and bold patterns which gives a beautiful design. For instance, a table-top wash basin with a ceramic and satin smooth finish basin.

(2)Pedestal Basins

Pedestal Basins is a standard form of basins which is popular in both commercial as well as common households. There are  wash basins which is affordable and at the same time trendy collection to your bathroom or to your dining room. These hand wash basins come in many elegant forms where the pipe lines are beautifully concealed with a pedestal stand.

(3)Wall Hung Wash Basins

In today's world, architects and engineers are trying to make compact homes with trendy designing accessories. Many designer wash basins models have perfectly blended with these Wall Hung model like Malibu model.


2.how to choose practical wash basin for your yourself.

In the past, it was enough to wash your face with an enamel basin. Nowadays, people in various types of bathroom wash basins are dazzled. The washbasin is a standard standard for toilets. How do you choose the right wash basin that is comfortable to use?

(1)Select the wash basin according to the drainage method.

The washbasin needs to be installed to buy it home, so before you buy it, you need to know what the drainage method in your home is. If the bathroom is drained, choose the floor basin. If the bathroom is a wall drain, choose a wall-mounted basin.

(2)Choose wash basin according to storage needs.

There is a kind of wash basin in the washbasin. This kind of wash basin does not have a cabinet. If the bathroom needs to increase the storage space, the column type should be carefully selected. To increase the storage function of the bathroom, it is recommended to choose a wash basin with a bathroom cabinet.

(3)Is the above counter basin or the under counter basin?

The under counter basin should be a more selective category. Compared with the above counter basin, the under counter basin does not accumulate water in the place where the basin meets the countertop. It is good to clean and there is no sanitary corner.

(4)Selection of washbasin drainer.

There are two kinds of water purifiers for the wash basin: bouncing and flapping. The bouncing type is fast and is not easily blocked by hair. It is also important whether the wash basin has a spill. If you forget to turn off the faucet, you can protect your bathroom from overflowing with water.


3.good experience with good wash basin.

From solid surface bathtubs to wash basins, from sinks to custom designed vanity tops, from shower trays to shelves, from mirrors to bathroom stools,The choice of bathroom ware not only affects our cleaning experience, but also needs to match the style of home improvement.Wash Basins are one of the sought-out product while purchasing for sanitaryware products. Whether you are renovating a bathroom or adding an additional wash basin to your living plus dining area, there are a lot of varieties and materials to choose from.


When choosing a wash basin, we have to consider its color, material, type, etc. It is not only beautiful but also practical. Kingkonree is a comprehensive manufacturer in China that offers innovative and high quality products for exporting high quality standard markets and cost effective products. A smooth appearance of the synthetic product available. Dirty, high purity, no radiation, no cracks, no yellowing, no worries.


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