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How much is the price of acrylic countertops Acrylic countertops price inventory

by:KingKonree     2021-05-05

   Whether you are buying a finished cabinet or customizing a whole cabinet, the choice of cabinet countertop material is very important, not only to be durable, but also easy to clean and maintain. Acrylic countertops have become more popular in recent years. Many people want to know what the price of acrylic countertops is. Here is a brief introduction.

  [What is the price of acrylic countertop?]

  Acrylic countertop price-pure acrylic

  Pure acrylic material is generally used in sheet series, because of its unique transparency, Wear-resistant and able to withstand high temperature environments, no radiation to the human body, long service life and other advantages, so that acrylic is favored by consumers in the application of cabinets. The production process is made of a chemical material. Methyl acrylate is the basic material, and aluminum hydroxide is added as an auxiliary material, and it is melted in a high-temperature furnace, and finally processed through processing. In addition, it does not contain any other ingredients.

   The market price of pure acrylic cabinet countertops is generally around 2100 yuan per meter to 3600 yuan per meter. But when it comes to brands, the prices are different.

  Acrylic countertop price-composite acrylic

  composite acrylic, the first paragraph of the editor has a brief introduction, the material is mixed with some artificial The stone composition is between the resin material and the acrylic material, so it is also called artificial stone composite acrylic. The composite acrylic cabinet countertop adopts the pure acrylic production method, but the difference is that the resin is added as the ingredient, which has better flexibility and high strength, and the price of the acrylic cabinet countertop produced by this method is also Relatively moderate, suitable for consumers' demand for home decoration.

The market price of    composite acrylic cabinet countertops is around 700 yuan per meter to 1,000 yuan per meter.

  Acrylic countertop-brand

  Because acrylic has better advantages and characteristics, it has been excavated and researched by cabinet manufacturers, attracting the favor of many brand merchants. Therefore, the price of acrylic cabinet countertops of well-known brands bought on the market is also different. For example, well-known brands such as Oupai, Hanli, DuPont, etc., their brand prices are about 1,000 yuan per meter to 3,000 yuan per meter.

  【Acrylic countertop types and advantages】

   Acrylic cabinet countertops in the market can be divided into two categories, pure acrylic and composite acrylic, composite acrylic cabinet countertops It refers to countertops that contain about 20-30% acrylic and 60% other materials. The acrylic content of pure acrylic cabinet countertops is more than 40%, and the acrylic content of pure acrylic cabinet countertops that is common in the market At sixty percent and above. The main difference between composite acrylic and pure acrylic is its appearance. There are more types of composite acrylic, but the gloss of pure acrylic countertops is better.

   Acrylic cabinet countertops have advantages that other countertops do not have when in use. The surface of acrylic cabinet countertops is smooth and has no pores. It has strong stain resistance and is easy to clean and manage. Acrylic cabinet countertops In terms of visual effects, the colors are bright and rich, with the texture of natural stone and ceramic-like gloss. At the same time, it also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, compression resistance, penetration resistance, impact resistance, and good plasticity. It can truly realize seamless splicing, and the shape is changeable and repairable. Compared with natural marble, artificial stone does not have any radiation elements.

   [How to identify acrylic countertops]

   How to identify acrylic countertops 1

   The ability of Chinese people to replicate, if we say that we are the second, no one dares to call it First, when this statement is applied to the current cabinet market industry, it definitely complements each other. It is obvious to all that Chinese products are manufactured and counterfeited. In addition to considering the price of acrylic countertops, the quality of the acrylic material needs to test your eyes. How to identify it? The first point is to look at the appearance. The appearance represents the influence and interest of the entire countertop. Check whether the color of the surface is symmetrical and whether the transparency is so good. The clearer you see, the better.

  How to identify acrylic countertop 2

   The second point is to look at the thickness of the acrylic countertop. The standard acrylic thickness should be around 2mm, but some brands The manufactured acrylic countertop is not this standard; the third point is to look at the anti-counterfeiting mark on the back. This anti-counterfeiting mark is very important. When you buy it, you will have this mark; the fourth is to look at the cutting, the quality of the cutting will be directly Affect the overall appearance of the countertop, whether it feels elastic when touched, the better the elasticity, the better the quality.

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