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How much is the price of artificial stone vanity tops?_Sanitary equipment_Tuba rabbit asked

by:KingKonree     2020-04-21

Hello, the price of artificial stone vanity tops is 120--400 yuan. The artificial stone wash basin should be made of composite acrylic or pure acrylic. The composite acrylic or pure acrylic looks more beautiful and environmentally friendly. The artificial stone washbasin can be used in a variety of shapes, you can choose whatever you like, and be environmentally friendly! The downside is the poor hardness. I hope my answer will help you.

Now artificial stone countertops are one of the main materials of kitchen countertops, but the price of artificial stone is quite chaotic, up to 3,500 yuan per meter, as low as two or three hundred yuan, especially reminding that artificial stone with a price of less than 300 yuan per meter is recommended. Do not buy. Because the commercial profit in the process of circulation is removed, the cost of raw materials may only be more than 100 yuan, which is simply not guaranteed.

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