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how netherton foundrys\\\' cast iron cookware broke the mould

by:KingKonree     2020-05-17
It\'s not impossible to launch a new, small, independent range of cookware, but it\'s certainly not easy.
The area is packed with big companies who have a big budget and can easily squeeze out this little guy.
To achieve this goal requires a certain amount of reckless determination and excellent products.
Fortunately, there are both the nigerton foundry.
The nigerton foundry produces cast iron and iron cookware-frying pan, frying pan, tagline and slow cooker.
The range is large and there are over 100 products including all products from rotary aluminum kettle to grill.
They have a unique black matte finish, simple lines and an elegant but unrestrained look.
They feel very fulfilling and strong. They have something to use, cherish and inherit.
It was the idea of husband and wife team Neil and Sue Currie when they started the company in 2011.
They have worked as product designers in Eastern Europe and the Far East to design household appliances and cookware.
But they came to the conclusion that they wanted something closer to home.
\"We would rather produce the products we want in our own kitchen, if possible, locally made, using sustainable materials, not affected by seasonal fashion.
In short, what we want is a product with a source that will last until the end . \" Sue said.
The couple are in South Yorkshire.
Stock up with a slow cooker and a local hardware store and a deli.
It was in August, and by Christmas in 2011, they were sold among more than 20 independent stock holders.
Today, they are found in more than 100 stores in the UK and overseas.
Supporting local independents is a key part of their spirit, as well as working with local artisans and resources as much as possible.
They hired six people on site and most of their suppliers were 25-
The mile radius of their workshop.
They talked passionately about Jim, he turned the handle for their pot, Rachel, he made the hand
Throw and decorate slogans for them.
There is clearly a shared passion and commitment spirit in their products.
The nigerton foundry is located in the heart of the UK, triggering an industrial revolution, which is appropriate. Abraham Darby (1678-1717)
He works in the village of Coalbrookdale, where he finds a new method of smelting iron using coke in coal instead of charcoal, so that cast iron can be produced on a large scale.
Nigerton cast iron casserole and slow cooker have an eternal look at them while firmly rooted in the present.
Many of the parts in the series are cast iron, but other parts are made of fast iron, which weighs half of the cast iron but has similar cooking benefits such as excellent heat conduction without hot spots
The rotating iron pan is a whisper of 1mm thick, so it is heated quickly and cooled quickly.
Other items of iron include Pan and frying pan.
All the products are fluorine (
Known commercially as Teflon)
And PFOA freeand cast iron to pre-
Experienced so they are ready to use.
While cast iron is known for taking care of children, it\'s not at all, says Su and Neil.
They suggest re-
Season the pan with linen oil, use only a small amount of seasoning oil at a time, remember that the more cast iron pans are used, the better the effect will be.
\"The beauty of naturally flavored iron is that whatever you do with it, it can be restored again and again,\" Sue said . \".
If you lose you can send the pot back to nigerton and they will re-
Season you.
For nearly six years, Su and Neil have acknowledged challenges in starting their own cookware business, especially by persuading independent retailers to buy an unknown brand.
\"We feel like we are in the league, but we are aiming for the Premier League.
\"We really don\'t need to be a \'household name\', but we do want to be recognized by experts and enthusiasts,\" Neil said . \".
These supporters have played a huge role in making nigerton foundry a respected and coveted brand.
One of the supporters is avid chef and photographer del Snaddon, who captured the beauty of nigerton in his weekly social media posts.
He stumbled across them on Twitter three years ago and has been a fan since then.
\"I happen to be looking for a very robust pot-my niece and nephew may fight for it when I die.
They are neither stylish nor obvious brands, but that\'s why I bought it.
My addiction, that\'s why it drives me to buy a dozen things-everything, including their excellent casserole, is crafted.
\"As more people get to know it, the nigerton Foundry will continue to grow, but don\'t expect to find them in the big commercial street stores.
\"We are a professional hand-made company and we have no plans to change that,\" Sue said . \".
It\'s not always better to prove bigger if needed.
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