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How tall is the above counter basin cabinet?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-26

   Above counter basin is a kind of sanitary ware, porcelain basin used for washing face and hands in the bathroom. Counter basins are divided into two types: above counter basin and under counter basin. This is not a difference in the basin itself, but a difference in installation. The basin protruding from the countertop is called the above counter basin. So what should be paid attention to when decorating above counter basins? What is the approximate height?

   According to the combination form with the countertop,    can be divided into one-piece ceramic structure and separate structure. The one-piece ceramic is the sintered basin and countertop. A whole, similar to the picture above, is very strong due to the overall structure, and the side water-retaining edge can well prevent water splashing and wetting the cabinet body, which is convenient for maintenance. Basically, use a spare rag to put the counter The sewage can be cleaned with one wipe.

   The other is a stone countertop. The basin is glued to the bottom of the stone with marble glue. The surrounding stone water retaining edge needs to be glued to the wall with glass glue. Many friends are worried about this The washbasin will fall off when you use it, so every time you use it, you will be careful. In fact, you will not. Generally, the ready-made products you buy will have a wooden frame under the washbasin, so I need to emphasize here. If you are looking for a carpenter The bathroom cabinets you come to make should be purchased in advance as far as possible to facilitate woodworkers to make wooden frames. Do not use marble glue or AB glue directly under the stone countertops. Although these glues are strong, they should still be prevented from falling off due to stress in the future. . Therefore, the advantage of the above counter basin is that the countertop is easy to take care of, and it is integrated with the bathroom cabinet. The disadvantage is that because it is tightly connected to the countertop, if the basin is damaged, the countertop needs to be replaced as a whole.

   Above counter basins can be installed above the countertops, and the basins can be purchased and replaced at will without affecting them. For example, the Lagoo above counter basins I recommended to everyone and the stainless steel bathroom cabinets in the left domain are all It is a typical above counter basin type. In comparison, the styles of above counter basins are the most, especially in the rural style, Chinese style, antique style and other toilets, different styles of products can be purchased, which is very flexible.

  The disadvantages of Taichung basin and above counter basin are both inconvenient to take care of. Since the basin is on top, we need to clean more In addition to the countertop, the outer wall of the basin must be cleaned. Besides, the sewage on the countertop cannot be wiped into the basin, but can only flow to the ground. Many friends say that the above counter basin is easy to splash. In fact, the splashing is based on your habits. Generally, you will not splash when washing your hands. The easy splash is when you wash your face, and the undercounter basin will also be easy when you wash your face. Splashing. In addition, you must pay attention to the installation height of the bathroom cabinet when installing. Generally, regardless of the three types of basins, the distance from the top of the basin to the ground is 80-83cm.

  Maintenance and cleaning

   (1) Ceramic above counter basin: It is not easy to get dirty, just wipe it with clean water and a rag.

   (2) Glass basin: Boiling water, scouring pads, steel brushes, strong alkaline detergents, hard sharp objects, stains, oil stains and other items are generally not used to clean glass washbasins. It is recommended to use pure cotton rags, neutral detergent, glass cleaning water, etc. for cleaning, so as to maintain the lasting bright as new.

   (3) Stainless steel above counter basin: The most prominent feature is that it is easy to clean, as long as you rinse it with water, it will look fresh.

   (4) Artificial stone above counter basin: Artificial stone is the same as ceramic, relatively resistant to dirt, just wipe it with clean water and a rag.

  The matching knowledge of counter basin

  Style: the bathroom style should be unified

  From the color In terms of style and style, there are already more choices for above counter basins. When matching, consider the style of your own bathroom. Simple styles should be more classic styles, and personalized styles can be made of leaves, shell shapes, and so on.

  Color: the color should be coordinated

  Because the above counter basin and bathroom cabinet are an important part of the bathroom, in terms of color selection, it is appropriate to choose the same color system as the bathroom cabinet. The contrast is too big.

  Space: Choose the size of the above counter basin according to the size of the space

  Small apartment bathroom has a smaller space. The single basin design is better for the above counter basin, which saves space and has a good visual effect. For larger bathrooms, double basins or even multiple basins can be used, which is more practical and decent.

  After reading the above article introduction, I hope it will help you in your life.

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