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How to avoid the quality problems of bathroom products?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-16

Toilet decoration has always been very important in home decoration. The purchase of sanitary ware and the installation of bathtubs are sloppy, and quality problems will occur if you are not careful. According to reports, citizen Ms. Wang’s newly bought bathtub scratched her buttocks the first time she took a bath. After that, Ms. Wang found a complaint from the industrial and commercial department, and under the coordination of the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers, the bathtub distributor compensated Ms. Wang 3,000 yuan. In addition, it was also found that the outer packaging of the bathtub only had the words 'Made in ChinaTherefore, the author reminds consumers that they need to pay attention to the details when purchasing sanitary products to distinguish the pros and cons.

The 'three noes' bathtub pierced the user's buttocks, and the owner compensated 3000 yuan.

The newly bought bathtub, the first time the user took a bath, the user Ms. Wang’s buttocks were scratched. The user found a complaint from the industrial and commercial department, and under the coordination of the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers, the bathtub distributor compensated Ms. Wang 3,000 yuan.

Ms. Wang, who lives in Tianxin District, Huangpi City, wanted to take a bath in the bathtub after cleaning her newly renovated new house on August 28. Ms. Wang suddenly felt The buttocks were painful, and as a result, my hand pierced the buttocks and the blood flow continued. When she got up and put the water in, she found that a 4 square centimeter square in the center of the bathtub broke. Ms. Wang was very upset and found the seller. The seller ignored her and said that this was caused by improper installation.

Ms. Wang complained to the department of industry and commerce, and the law enforcement officers of the industry and commerce inspected the site and found that there was a small crack in the center of the bathtub of Ms. Wang’s house. There were 4 convex-shaped packets around the bathtub. The small bag ruptured because the place could not bear the pressure of Ms. Wang.

The law enforcement officers also found that the outer packaging of the bathtub only had the words 'Made in ChinaAccording to the invoice presented by Ms. Wang, the value of the bathtub is 1,100 yuan.

The industry and commerce department found a seller. After mediation, Xia, the person in charge of the store, stated that she would compensate Ms. Wang for medical expenses and other expenses by 3,000 yuan.

The law enforcement officers also investigated and dealt with the sales of the 'three-no' bathtub by their sellers.

The quality of bathtubs in the market is tricky, and the product prices and services vary greatly.

Consumers who buy bathtubs choose the size of the bathtub based on the size of the bathroom. In fact, the size of the bathtub is not only related to the size of the space. , Is also directly related to the functional design of the bathtub. The length of the bathtub ranges from 1.7 meters to 1.2 meters, and the depth is also between 50-70 cm. Bathtubs with a length of less than 1.5 meters (less than an adult's sitting length) are often deeper than ordinary bathtubs, about 70 cm, and are sitz bathtubs.

In this cylinder, there is a functional line that fits the sitting posture of the human body. Due to the small area of u200bu200bthe bottom of the tank, this bathtub is easier to stand than ordinary bathtubs, so it is especially suitable for the elderly and children.

As ordinary buyers, it is difficult for us to identify the quality of the bathtub too much. But doing superficial work is somewhat useful. First look at the gloss, and understand the pros and cons of the material by looking at the surface gloss, which is suitable for bathtubs of any kind of material.

Then, touch the smoothness of the surface. It is suitable for steel and cast iron bathtubs, because both bathtubs need to be plated with enamel, and if the plating process is not good, subtle ripples will appear. You can also test the firmness by pressing it with your hands and stepping on it with your feet. The sturdiness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material. It is invisible by visual inspection. You need to try it yourself. When there is gravity, such as standing in, it will feel like sinking.

The support parts inside the bathtub can be seen from the scale of the bathtub manufacturer. The support parts inside the bathtub produced by well-known brand companies are carefully connected. The exterior is painted and there is no trace of welding. Small companies The bathtub produced has a rough appearance, not only the internal joints have welding marks, but some even the joints between the external water fittings and the cylinder body are not compliant.

The price of bathtub varies greatly due to the difference in material, color, shape, brand, etc. In the same brand, the most expensive is the cast iron bathtub, followed by steel and acrylic. However, it is difficult to compare the prices of bathtubs horizontally, and the prices of bathtubs of the same material vary greatly.

According to the survey, the price difference of several acrylic bathtubs of the same brand also ranges from 700 yuan to 6,000 yuan. The price difference between different brands of acrylic bathtubs can be as much as 3000 to 5000 yuan. It is often the cheapest acrylic bathtubs in this brand that may be more expensive than the massage bathtubs of another brand.

In addition, installation, faucet and matching issues, and warranty issues are also very different. The price of a jacuzzi with some low-priced bathtub installations and accessories is comparable to the price of an acrylic bathtub in other homes. Looking at the bathtubs in the market, it can be seen that this has a lot to do with the quality of the materials, the degree of service, and the popularity of the brand.

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