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how to bathe and clean stray kittens: step-by-step guide

by:KingKonree     2020-03-15
How to bathe a stray kittenBy-
The first and most important thing is to assume that it is always safe for all stray kittens to hate water because they usually hate water.
So before introducing the kittens to your other family members, it is safe to observe precautions, or to deal with stray kittens while keeping them hygienic and safe or clean the children thoroughly.
I hope you find this center.
How to bathe a stray kittenBy-
Helpful step guide.
How to bathe a stray kittenBy-
Prepare and place the necessary things you need before bathing the kitten (
Towels, shampoo or body wash, face towel, small basin, footrest for you to sit on).
Stray kittens are not used to drinking water, so don\'t pour water directly into their bodies, because they will resist, scream and run away.
Mix or dilute a small amount of shampoo with water in a small basin.
Be sure to lock the bathroom door and put away the fragile things in the bathroom (
Just in case the kitten slips away from your hands, jumps around and hits the fragile item.
Put the shower curtain away so that the kitten doesn\'t climb up when it slips through your hand.
Let the kitten stand at 4 feet and put it on the nape and push it down with force, but don\'t push too hard to keep it 4 feet on the floor to prevent it from accidentally scratching you with its claws.
Wet the coat of the kitten with a wet towel.
This will allow the kitten to slowly adapt to the cold temperature.
Scoop a small amount of diluted shampoo, rub it on its coat, and rub the coat gently with your hand to make it bubble.
Repeat the process until the whole body of the kitten is wet from nape to tail.
Not including face.
While holding the kitten with one hand, while scooping a small amount of water with the other hand, carefully rinse the kitten.
Don\'t use too much water, they will be scared and will try to get out of your grip, which is not ideal because you may be hurt by its sharp claws.
You must work quickly when performing the above steps.
When the coat is completely rinsed, lift the kitten while still putting it on the nape, keep its feet away from you, wrap the kitten with a towel and make its head pop up.
Make sure the towel is thick enough to avoid the claws coming through.
Hold the packed kitten and pull it to you with one hand, just as the mother holds the baby while breastfeeding, so that the kitten\'s face is positioned upwards.
Now you can clean the whole head and face with a towel soaked in soapy water.
Rinse the towel and repeat the process until the water dripping from the towel becomes clear.
Wipe the inside of the ear with a face towel, and clean the hard-to-reach area while disinfecting with alcohol-moistened cotton buds.
Some kittens have ticks inside, which are hidden in their ears.
Put the wrapped kitten on your lap, sit there, slowly and partially unwrap the towel.
Gently rub the whole body of the towel, gently rub, warm the kitten, dry the coat.
You can speed up the process with a hairdryer.
Be sure not to scare the kitten so it doesn\'t run away :)
Make sure it is completely dry and warm before releasing the kitten.
Pat the kitten and reward it with some food or milk.
When you have set up a routine and are used to taking a bath, just give the kitten a full bath.
Some stray kittens will have a love for aquatic products, and they will not resist this love when taking a bath.
I hope the above is how to bathe a stray kitten. By-
Step guide will help to train you to take a shower and keep the stray cats you adopt clean.
These guidelines are based on our own personal experience and we can learn through trial and error.
It has been working for us since then and I hope it will work for you. ^_^.
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