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How to break the storage type 'dead water'? Healthy bathing to grab the wind

by:KingKonree     2021-05-21

Healthy bathing has become a new hot spot in the water heater industry. Recently, at the 2017 China Health Water Heater Industry Summit Forum hosted by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association and the Information Resources Development Department of the National Information Center, new technologies for healthy bathing have attracted the attention of experts in the industry. According to data from Aowei Cloud, the proportion of retail sales of 'healthy' water heaters in 2016 has been close to 40%. With the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, it is expected that in 2017, 'healthy' water heaters will continue to grow, with a market share of more than 60%.

Storage-type water heaters are easy to breed bacteria

The experts at the meeting pointed out that due to the 'congenital defects' of most storage-type water heaters, a large amount of 'dead water' is directly caused by daily bathing water. Produce a lot of bacteria.

Experts pointed out that there are still many water heaters that do not have a cleaning function, so professionals can only be asked to come and clean them. For consumers, when should they be cleaned and cleaned? How far can they be cleaned before they can be used with confidence? These problems have not been completely resolved so far, and they have even brought trouble to their lives.

Compared with thermal storage water heaters, instant hot water heaters do not need to store water. They heat up when they are turned on and have stable temperature. The water circulation system directly connects to tap water for heating without water storage and does not form a secondary circulation water belt. Coming health risks.

Instant-heating water heaters have health advantages

Zuo Yanque, general manager of Zhongyikang Brand Center, said that the growth of water heaters in 2016 exceeded 10%, and the development of gas water heaters is expected to be in 2017. The overall scale of water heaters exceeds 65 billion.

Sun Zhitao, general manager of the kitchen and bathroom procurement and sales department of JD Home Appliances Division, said that in 2017, gas water heaters will surpass electric water heaters. The proportion of liters of gas water heaters has changed, and gas water heaters above 13L will gradually become the mainstream, accounting for more than 40%. This year, we will vigorously promote the new healthy connotation of gas water heaters. Enjoying water temperature massage, bubble sauna and other healthy and relaxing baths at home will become the new normal for bathing.

In addition to avoiding the health risks caused by secondary circulating water, the biggest advantage of gas water heaters is that they can meet various large water needs. Needs.

Currently, brand water heaters such as Macro, Rinnai, Haier have launched boiling water instantaneous water heaters to avoid problems such as poor experience caused by hot and cold bathing water. In addition, the Rinnai Yitian gas water heater, which has the functions of water temperature massage, and stop when the bathtub is full, has added water temperature massage and skin beauty functions. It can expand and contract capillaries through alternating hot and cold showers, thereby increasing the elasticity of blood vessels. And the tolerance to temperature, in order to achieve the effects of health preservation and skin beautification, and bring new concepts of health and comfort to bathing.

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