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How to 'break through' the embarrassment of domestic bathroom cross-border change

by:KingKonree     2021-05-17

Wood floor formaldehyde exceeding the standard, false propaganda of foreign coatings... Since the beginning of the year, the building materials industry has frequently seen negative news, which once became the focus of the industry. With the arrival of the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition in May, as the most active category of decorative materials, sanitary ware has once again come to the focus of the stage.

Under the generally bleak background of the building materials retail industry, can the **three-dimensional, functional sanitary ware industry stand alone? What are the hot words and new trends in the sanitary ware industry this summer? What about domestic sanitary ware? Grabbing and consolidating market share?

Current situation 1

Weak after-sales service becomes the weakness of the industry

In February and March, the wood flooring and coating industries were successively exposed. The problem has made the already bleak home retail even worse. So, as the sanitary ware with the strongest functionality and the highest usage rate among decorative materials, are there similar drawbacks and risks? With the overall expansion of the industry and the frequent integration of enterprises, will Anxin, Nippon and other companies that harm the interests of consumers?

Dongpeng Sanitary Ware Marketing Director Liu Xinmin believes that the raw materials used in sanitary ware and flooring and coatings are different. Major sanitary products such as toilets, faucets, bathtubs, etc. There is no need to use glue, which greatly eliminates the existence of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, so it is unlikely that there will be a similar possibility of harm to consumer health. Compared with product quality problems that frequently occur in other categories, the current shortcomings of the domestic sanitary ware industry are more of the weak after-sales service links.

The '2011 Home Furnishing Brand After-sales Service Telephone Survey Report' shows that 56 domestic and foreign sanitary ware brands including Chaozhou Hengjie, Foshan Wrigley, Tangshan Huida, Fujian Jiumu, TOTO of Japan, Kohler of the United States and other 56 domestic and foreign sanitary ware brands have been continuously tested , The industry free after-sales service call opening rate is only 71%, while the call connection rate is less than 80%, and the problem solving rate is only 55%. The survey shows that the service quality of brands such as TOTO, Kohler, Wrigley, Dongpeng and Faenza is above average.

How to 'break through' the embarrassment of cross-border change of domestic sanitary wares

Current situation 2

The uneven quality of consumers is very hurt< /p>

It is undeniable that sanitary ware has a beautiful appearance, powerful functions, and a high usage rate. However, as a relatively complex product, industry standards are severely lacking, and the product quality is uneven. More or less, it will cause problems such as aging of parts and inadvertent damage during use, which will bring inconvenience and damage to consumers.

Wu Wei, general manager of Wrigley Sanitary Ware Guangzhou District, introduced that the production process of sanitary ware products is very complicated. Taking the toilet as an example, it includes multiple processes such as appearance design, mold making, grouting, glazing, etc., and then a chain, a floating ball, and a drain valve are processed and combined. A toilet usually takes 20 to 35 days or even longer from design to production. And because each enterprise has different cost control, the length of the toilet firing time, the thickness of the embryo body, the glaze material, and the glazing process are different, which directly affect the quality and life of the toilet.

Chen Jianchao, Marketing Director of Kaiping Ausiman Sanitary Ware, said that in addition to the quality of the product itself, the performance of faucets, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets and other sanitary products also has a great relationship with the installation process, use and maintenance. For example, the separation of wet and dry in the bathroom, improper maintenance during use, etc., are prone to discoloration, breakage, and detachment of the door hinge; improper installation of the faucet and shower will affect the comfort of the water, and the improper installation of the toilet will affect the odor control effect. Improper installation of pendants can easily fall off and hurt people.

Outlet 1

After-sales service to win reputation

Industry insiders pointed out that, compared with foreign sanitary ware brands, local sanitary ware companies have already competed with the former in technology. The difference is almost the same, mainly because they lag far behind in terms of appearance design, and lack innovative design capabilities and related equipment support. Under this circumstance, local sanitary ware brands can only make up for their inherent deficiencies in design by strengthening services. At present, pre-sales service has become the only way for sanitary ware companies to follow suit.

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