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How to build a brick sink by yourself

by:KingKonree     2021-04-22

The sink should have a very important application in our lives. It can be said to be a more important thing in the bathroom, but do you know how to use the red brick sink?

How to build a red brick sink by yourself

Determine the size: Determine the width and height of the sink according to the size of the space. Generally speaking, the height is 65 cm and the width of the table is less than 50 cm.

Construction method: There are mainly two construction methods for the brick hand wash basin. The first is to build the frame and countertop with bricks, then lay light steel keel on the brick surface, smear cement mortar on the keel, and then paste the tiles. The second type is to use angle steel to make a structural frame, add cement pressure plates on it, and then affix tiles.

Making countertops: to reduce the amount of bricks and save space. It is possible to directly use cement to make the countertop instead of using bricks as support columns. For example, if the steel bars are directly driven into the wall, the horizontal and vertical steel bars are braided into a net with a lead wire, and cement slurry is poured to make a countertop.

Increase the storage function: If you want to turn the sink into a cement bathroom cabinet, you can build a column with bricks, and use ceramic tiles as a shelf in the cabinet.

Paving tiles: Paving tiles on the cement washbasin, you can use diagonal paving, or use tiles of different specifications and colors for combined paving. The decoration effect will be better in this way.

Install the wash basin: After the wash basin is installed, the water pipe should be connected to check for water leakage. In addition to ordinary styles, the current wash basins on the market also have European styles and Chinese styles of blue and white porcelain.

Installation of cabinet doors: The cabinet doors are made of solid wood, PVC boards and other materials, and the prices are also different. The solid wood cabinet door has good texture and environmental protection, but the price is relatively expensive. PVC material is more affordable.

Precautions for brick wash basins

1. Generally speaking, dry and wet partitions can be used to wash hands in the bathroom The counter area, the toilet area and the shower area are effectively separated. The sink area can also be separated separately to reduce the pollution of water vapor and mold to the sink area, and to keep the toiletries dry and hygienic. This practice is gradually becoming a household The new trend of decoration. Moving the sink area close to the aisle and designing it as an open style can increase the use efficiency of the bathroom, so that families with a large number of people can take a bath at the same time without affecting each other, which greatly facilitates people's lives.

2. Filler should be used for tile patching. The caulking agent is not easy to turn black, and the effect is better than that of white cement. The main point of the brick sink is the choice of ceramic tiles, preferably small bricks within 20*20, retro series. Even with the white tiles, there is an illusion of returning to the university dorm.

3. Wash basins and faucets must be bought first. When making the sink top, it is necessary to reserve the basin drainage hole and the water hole on the faucet. First, buy the product to ensure the accuracy of construction.

4. Use the above counter basin, the effect will be better. Above counter basins are more in line with the decorative requirements of pastoral and Mediterranean styles.

5. The drainage is best to be wall row type. The drainage pipe into the wall can free up more space to store items, and at the same time it is more tidy.

6. Mirrors are magicians who expand space. Small bathrooms can be used to create the effect of space expansion, while large bathrooms are best matched with large mirrors. In terms of practicality, the lower the mirror, the better, because the more items reflected, the more messy the space will appear. No matter how low the mirror is placed, it should not be lower than the washbasin, and if it is flush with the washbasin, the countertop is unsightly. Therefore, it is better to have a decorative waistline as a transition between the countertop and the mirror.

Finally, we must pay attention to the quality of the hardware in the design process. Cement cabinets are not easy to repair. Good hardware can reduce the chance of water leakage and rework, avoiding later troubles.

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