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How to buy a bathroom in Rifeng Sanitary Ware?

by:KingKonree     2021-09-14
Rifeng Sanitary Ware How to buy sanitary ware? How to buy sanitary ware, we all have such experience that we buy sanitary products, then how to buy sanitary ware products? Next, Rifeng will introduce to you. 1. Toilet, the most important thing is to look at three things, embryo body, glazed surface, water piece 1. The sintering temperature of embryo body and glazed surface is very important. The temperature of the high-temperature kiln is up to more than 1200 degrees, and the firing time is 20h above. The low-temperature kiln is only about 900 degrees Celsius or even lower, and the firing time is about 8 hours. 2. The quality of the glaze determines the anti-fouling and anti-aging properties of the ceramic sanitary ware surface. In addition to the sintering temperature, the raw material ratio is a mixed formula of the glaze. Each manufacturer has its own strengths, but there is a very critical point. Boric acid, the higher the purity, the better, and the glaze thickness is above 0.8 mm. 3. Water fittings. Water fittings are the parts that directly determine the durability of the toilet. It is recognized that the best water fittings are the best one in the United States for single flushing, and the Swiss Geberit for double flushing. Of course, not necessarily It takes a tall water piece to be good. Domestic water fittings are not bad in application. It's just that when the product is being tested, the parameters are slightly inferior to the imported product. 4. The flushing type includes siphonic, flushing, and siphonic toilet flushing with low noise and not easy to offensive; the water pipeline under the flushing type is relatively wide and the impulse is relatively large. If the pipeline on the lower floor is relatively short and the flushing force is greater, it is recommended to choose a flush toilet, and a siphon toilet is recommended for high floors. Second, bathroom cabinets 1. Bathroom cabinets, solid wood and pvc are actually irrelevant. Generally speaking, bathroom cabinets mainly consist of four points: plate, lacquer, ceramic, and hardware, which can be regarded as a comprehensive collection. 2. The quality of the glaze of the basin directly determines its quality. A good glaze is not easy to get dirty and the surface is easy to clean. Observe the light from multiple angles from the side. There should be no stains, pinholes, blisters and bubbles, and the surface should be smooth. 3. In addition, the material of bathroom cabinets should not be ignored. Common ones include oak, camphor wood, catalpa wood, etc. Good materials are anti-warping and non-deformation. 4. Purchase faucet. The faucet is generally made of brass. The first thing is to see if there are oxidized spots on the surface and whether it is smooth or not, and then the water flow is the water content and the water flow rate. 3. Shower head 1. Check whether the tube body and the electroplating layer on the surface of the shower head are smooth and clean. A good tube body is made of all copper material, and the surface must be polished, polished, dust-removed, nickel-plated and chrome-plated, so as to ensure that it will not become black and blistering during use. 2. Look at the spool. The spool is a part that realizes direction, pressure and flow control, which directly affects the length of use time and the comfort experience of use. A good shower switch spool is made of ceramics with extremely high hardness that have been fired through a special process. The service life should reach the national standard of 200,000 times3. The shower is also chrome-plated. Some unscrupulous businesses will use cast iron pipes to pretend to be For all copper pipes, a simple way to judge is to hold the pipe body with your hand and release it after waiting for 2 or 3 seconds. There is almost no change in the tube body, and it can be basically determined to be a copper tube. (
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