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How to buy shower room and bathtub

by:KingKonree     2021-05-11

Baths and shower rooms are the largest sanitary wares in the bathroom. We have to be very cautious when choosing them. Now there are many kinds of bathtubs and shower rooms on the market, which makes it difficult for us to purchase. Edit and share the key points of bathtub and shower room purchase, to help you choose satisfactory sanitary ware products.

Appearance selection for bathtub purchase: Material and size need to be considered

In the selection process of bathtub, first look at its material. Acrylic panels are basically the most widely used on the market. Acrylic board is subject to high temperature, heat resistance, and good load-bearing.

When choosing a bathtub, you must consider whether the size is appropriate, and determine where it is placed to determine the water level of the bathtub, and the laying of the water inlet and sewer pipes.

Knowledge of power supply for bathtub purchase: pay attention to the protection of motor and socket

Generally, surfing bathtubs and massage bathtubs require power supply. When choosing a bathtub, check whether the bathtub motor is completely separated from the water level and operate independently or protect it independently. Surf bathtubs generally have an anhydrous protection function.

Check whether the socket is protected, whether the switch will automatically reset, or automatically trip, so as to avoid injury during use.

Look at the shower head when choosing a shower room: pay attention to checking the flushing function and adjustment function

It is necessary to choose a softer silica gel, which will not block water during use, and has a comparatively better water outlet effect. On average, it is relatively soft, and clogging occurs. As long as you press it gently with your hand, you can basically solve it.

Observe the spray function of the shower, whether the water outlet function can be adjusted, and avoid reducing the purchase of pure copper shower heads as much as possible. When buying, pay attention to the water pressure used at home. It is recommended that sensitive showers with thin tubes can be used on high floors.

See the manufacturer for the purchase of shower room: to ensure after-sales service

Under normal circumstances, the height of the household shower room is 1.95 meters, the marble below is 10 cm, and the shower room above is 1.85— 1.9 meters, leave a partial space above the shower room for ventilation. It is recommended to use tempered glass for the shower room. When installing, pay attention to whether the marble stone can be pre-buried and whether it is smooth after installation.

A brief understanding of the manufacturer before purchasing. Confirm whether the product has 3C certification and joint guarantee to ensure after-sales service.

The bathroom is a space we must use every day, and we can't carelessly fill it. We should treat all kinds of sanitary ware carefully, and choose good sanitary ware to facilitate our lives in the future and make our lives easier.

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