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How to check and accept sanitary ware after installation

by:KingKonree     2021-05-19

1. Check whether the bathtub is leaking, fill the bathtub with water and check.

2. Check whether the drainage is unobstructed.

3. Check whether the floor drain meets the requirements. Sprinkle water on the ground. The water should flow to the floor drain without any residue.

4. The shower room should be carried out in strict accordance with the assembly process. The assembled shower room has a clean and bright appearance. The blocking door and the sliding door are parallel, vertical, and symmetrical. The two moving doors are easy to open and close. Cracks, no water leakage. The shower room and shower tray should be sealed with silica gel to prevent water seepage.

5. Installation and acceptance of standing basin or basin: the basin surface is level, the cold and hot water joints should be installed at the lower end of the basin, and the cold and hot water taps have obvious identification marks. The bottom foot of the standing basin should be firmly connected to the floor. After installation, the bottom foot should be sealed with silica gel without leakage. The basin should be fixed firmly. The wooden cabinet should be used for stable support under the counter. The counter basin without cabinet should be fixed to the wall with an iron frame to support the basin board, and the block surface layer against the wall is generally 8 ~12cm; A 10~12cm skirt board should be hung on the outside of the countertop, which can cover the iron frame. After installation, the wall and the surrounding area of u200bu200bthe basin are sealed with silica gel, and there is no leakage.

6. The installation and acceptance of the toilet: The main inspection is to check whether the toilet pit distance is reasonable. If the pit distance is too small, the water tank enters the wall, and the use and appearance will be affected; if the pit distance is too large, the toilet will remain on the wall. There is a large gap. The toilet should be installed firmly and should be fixed with expansion bolts instead of wood screws. The connection between the bottom of the toilet and the floor should not be dead with cement mortar. The correct method is to seal with silica gel along the circumference to ensure watertight performance. Some toilets use sealing rubber gaskets instead of mortar. You can use silica gel around the toilet after it is firmly installed. Sealed. The hand-cranked test method can be used during the inspection, pay attention to no swing phenomenon. The installation position of the toilet and the water tank should be accurate. The allowable error of single piece position is 10mm, and the allowable error of verticality should not be greater than 10mm.

7. Installation and acceptance of bathtub in shower room factory: The installation and acceptance of bathtub is very important. It not only needs to meet the usage standards, but also needs to take into account that if a leakage accident occurs, it will affect the neighbors and downstairs residents. Therefore, the bathtub acceptance is recommended to be carried out in two stages: after the installation is completed, the apron (the bathtub with apron does not need to be built) should be filled with water several times before the veneer bricks, and the flushing and drainage should be smooth. by. The drain port of the bathtub should be directly connected to the spout, and should not be connected with a plastic hose. At the same time, it is opposed to the open ditch under the tank for draining water. The basin surface is sealed with silica gel along the three sides of the wall. Acrylic bathtub due to human weight and water dynamic load factors, after a long time, it is easy to cause cracks in the wall near the wall, so the silicone seal must be tight.

8. The water supply connecting pipes of sanitary ware must not have irregularities or flattening. The connection with the water inlet pipe and the sewage outlet must be tight and there should be no leakage.

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