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How to choose a complete bathroom correctly?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-15

When purchasing an integrated bathroom, the main consideration is the brand. Brand products are guaranteed in terms of quality, after-sales service, industry reputation and consumer reputation.

If it is a non-** brand, consumers should pay attention to whether the product has passed the relevant national certification when buying an integrated bathroom. Whether the strength of manufacturers and businesses and the after-sales service system of the brand are perfect.

The biggest feature of the overall bathroom is that the bathroom does not need to be waterproof. The key to waterproofing is the quality of the overall bathroom chassis. The chassis material is generally SMC (aviation material), which is formed by low-temperature compact extrusion, which has the characteristics of tread resistance, sturdiness, scratch resistance, and non-deformation. If it is extruded by a press with more than 2000 tons, the general service life is at least 20 to 30 years. Therefore, consumers should carefully examine the manufacturer's production equipment and scale.

Next is the quality of the overall bathroom department, such as bathtubs, toilets, shower sliding doors, exhaust fans, network pipes, hardware accessories and so on.

Bathroom parts are generally purchased by OEM. Consumers should ask the seller for the manufacturer of each part, especially toilets.

Exhaust fans, hardware accessories, and connecting valve pipes are generally purchased by brands. Consumers should carefully inquire about the specific brand of each material. This is a very important factor.

Key points for design selection

1 The overall bathroom design should be easy to use, repair and install; the structure of all components and accessories should be easy to maintain, inspect, repair and replace.

2 The architectural design space of the bathroom is matched with the smallest installation size of the overall bathroom.

3 The opening direction of the overall bathroom must be consistent with the opening direction of the building toilet.

4 The side of the overall bathroom with ducts should be consistent with the position of the building's toilet duct well.

5 When the building is a bright toilet, you should consult with the product supplier to make adjustments to the overall bathroom window and the position of the accessories; when it is a dark toilet, the building should be equipped with anti-reflux and anti-passage Shared exhaust ducts, the overall bathroom should be reserved for the installation of exhaust machinery, and corresponding to the exhaust outlet of the shared exhaust duct.

6 Floor drains should be installed on the overall bathroom floor. The depth of the floor drain seal should not be less than 50mm, and anti-skid measures and easy cleaning should be taken. There is no water on the floor after cleaning.

7 The rust-prone metal parts in the overall bathroom should not be exposed, and anti-rust treatment should be done if necessary; various electrical systems should be waterproofed.

8 The heating method and hot water system supply method of the integral bathroom should be dealt with according to the specific project.

9 The door of the overall bathroom should have a function that can be opened from the outside in the event of an accident.

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