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How to choose a gas water heater for new house decoration? In addition to constant temperature and safety, large amounts of water are indispensable

by:KingKonree     2021-05-14

How to choose a gas water heater for new house decoration? Different families have different needs. For example, users who have bathtubs and large showers at home need a large amount of water; high-rise houses and old communities need to be pressurized; elderly and children at home need constant temperature hot water; users who pursue high-quality life value safety.. .... In view of this, the editor has summarized a tips for purchasing gas water heaters, and provided suggestions for users of decoration.

Home has a bathtub/large shower: a large amount of water is the first choice

As we all know, whether it is a bathtub bath or a large rain shower, the amount of water required is much more than that of a normal shower. Especially in autumn and winter, it is difficult for ordinary water heaters to fill the bathtub in a short time. However, users who use large rain showers cannot experience the invigorating sensation brought by the large amount of water.

Cassardi gas water heater CH3: the maximum water volume can be increased by 70%

Casati 'waterfall washing' gas water heater CH3 has extremely fast and large water volume , Hot water comes quickly, and the water heater is turned on to provide a continuous supply of hot water, which can shorten the water injection time to 60% of the original, and realize the bathtub is opened and washed without waiting for a bath. Users who like large rain showers can get the waterfall-like feeling that the surging hot water can bring, and the refreshing bathing experience.

High-rise and old residential quarters: pressurization is standard.

The water pressure fluctuates from high to low, and the water temperature fluctuates from cold to hot, which is a big trouble for users when using gas water heaters. Affected by water pressure, users in old urban areas and high-rise buildings often encounter the problem of insufficient water pressure resulting in low water flow; households use more water, and water pressure suddenly decreases and water temperature becomes cold when water consumption peaks.

Cassadi gas water heater CH3

Casa di 'waterfall washing' gas water heater CH3, through three major technologies to increase water pressure: original turbocharger technology, real-time cruise monitoring of the initial water flow in the home, automatic matching of comfortable pressurization, to achieve the effect of water pressure doubling; three-speed pressurization system, according to the initial water intake in the home The flow rate calculates the suitable boosting power, the maximum water volume can be increased by 70%, and the water injection time is only 60% of the original; the stepless booster engine can realize intelligent boosting, independent power supply, independent voltage regulation, and the system is more stable and stable. reliable.

In addition, Casarte gas water heater CH3 adopts intelligent high wind pressure resistance technology, which can stably burn with ten-level gale; it also has intelligent low-pressure combustion, which can completely deal with various water pressure problems, regardless of the old city or the high-rise building. Users can take a bath at ease.

There are elderly and children at home: constant temperature is a must

The water temperature is hot and cold, unstable, which is a major pain point for gas water heater users, especially families with elderly and children. There is a big change in temperature when taking a bath, which can easily lead to colds.

Casarte 'Waterfall Wash' gas water heater CH3 innovative intelligent precision control constant temperature system, real-time monitoring of the inlet water temperature and water pressure, intelligent adjustment of the matching water inlet and air inlet, real water and air dual regulation, Ensure that every drop of water has a constant temperature and comfort; at the same time, 4-20kw intelligent broadband firepower adjustment, the water is not hot in summer, and the warmth is still in winter, even if the kitchen and bathroom use more water at the same time, the temperature remains constant.

Cassard gas water heater CH3

Pursuing high-quality life: safety is the foundation

When it comes to gas water heaters, many people The reaction is not safe. As news of carbon monoxide poisoning is not uncommon, many new home renovation users are discouraged from gas water heaters.

Cassadi gas water heater CH3 appeared at the 2018 kitchen and bathroom exhibition

In order to provide users with a safe bathing environment, Casarte 'waterfall washing' gas water heater CH3, innovative 'self-cleaning combustion' safety patented technology, equipped with the original NOCO nano platinum safety system, actively eliminates carbon monoxide gas. The state stipulates that the CO emissions of gas water heaters shall not be higher than 600ppm, and the CO emissions of the Casarte gas water heater CH3 is 1/20 of the national standard, which is only equivalent to the carbon monoxide emissions produced by the burning of a candle.

In addition to large water volume, pressurization, constant temperature, and safety, Casarte “Waterfall Wash” gas water heater CH3 also has functions such as smart Wi-Fi, water inlet filtration technology, KMI Caijing technology, etc., for high-end users Bring a new bathing experience.

As the industry’s first pressurized large-capacity gas water heater, the Casarte gas water heater CH3 constant temperature waterfall washing series, starting from the different needs of decoration users, solves the needs of household bathtubs, large showers and high-level users The difficult problem has become the first choice for high-end users.

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