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How to choose and buy lighting fixtures for toilets

by:KingKonree     2021-05-18

How to choose and buy lighting fixtures for toilets:

Like a bathroom with a relatively large area, you can install the following equipment: install a wall lamp on the mirror or wall of the sink, and use indirect lighting to create a strong lighting effect The ideal configuration of the ceiling lamp is to install a downlight on the top of the basin, toilet, bathtub and shower, so that every key part of the bathroom can enjoy the light.

In addition, there is a lighting that can play a finishing touch to create a hazy and romantic bathing atmosphere. An electronic temperature-controlled showering device called 'bath column' or 'bath board' is becoming more and more popular with petty bourgeoisie. This electronic temperature control bath column adopts an electronic control panel, which is a multi-nozzle combination shower. It can not only display, adjust and control the water temperature, but also does not occupy space, but can also adjust the water flow pattern. Families with good conditions can be equipped with a glass shower door, and a shower curtain with a small space is also good. From the structural configuration point of view, most of the bath columns are equipped with soft lights near the top nozzles, and there is no need to install lights in the shower area. Even if the shower curtain covers part of the bathroom lights, the lighting of the bath will not be affected.

The illuminator in the bathroom is frequently switched on and off. Choosing an incandescent lamp as the light source is more energy-saving, and people’s complexions look beautiful in a slightly yellow light except in natural light. Separate illuminators must be installed next to the makeup mirror as a supplement to local lighting. Fluorescent lamps can be used for this kind of 'mirror applique yellow' lighting to increase the spaciousness and freshness, and to facilitate the discovery of minor flaws in makeup. Nowadays, some people think that looking in a mirror under a snow-white light makes it easy to look pale, so they like to set a small yellow spotlight around the mirror, which is quite the posture of a dressing table during a performance, but the spotlight is slightly less waterproof. , Suitable for bathroom space with separation of dry and wet.

In addition, most bathrooms use low-color and high-brightness color combinations to set off a clean and refreshing atmosphere. The color is mainly used for bathroom facilities, and the wall and floor colors are consistent, so that the entire bathroom has a kind Harmony and unity. Therefore, the overall lighting of the bathroom does not need to be too adequate, that is, dim, as long as there are a few important points.

After **, the downlight installation can also be a good choice, but you must choose waterproof and explosion-proof when choosing.

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