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How to choose and buy wash basins Types of wash basins

by:KingKonree     2021-07-03

In home decoration, the wash basin is an indispensable facility in the bathroom. At the same time, the purchase of a wash basin is also a crucial step. The purchase of a suitable wash basin must be consistent with the overall home decoration, and it must be convenient for the family to use. Please follow the editor to learn about the choice of the wash basin. Purchase skills and types of wash basins.

1. Types of wash basins

1. Tempered glass: The wash basins of this material have a particularly simple and beautiful appearance, and the overall observation has a strong sense of art, but it is insufficient The problem is that the material is not strong enough. If there are children in the house, such a wash basin is more dangerous.

2. Ceramic washbasin: The ceramic washbasin combined with classical features is elegant and elegant, and has been loved by many users. Remind that when choosing this kind of wash basin, pay attention to the size of the wash basin and whether the wall thickness is cracked. Be careful of bumps during daily use.

3. Wall cabinet type wash basin: This style is suitable for every family. There are wall cabinets above and below, which can store bathroom toiletries. The marble countertop is very strong. Be careful not to get the wall cabinets wet during normal use to prevent deformation.

4. European-style wash basin: The most distinctive advantage of this type of wash basin is gorgeous, the appearance is very high-end, and the price will be much more expensive than others. It is suitable for houses with large family space. If the bathroom at home is not very large, it will be particularly cramped to install a European-style wash basin.

Second, the purchase skill of the wash basin

1. Observation: The appearance of the glazed ceramics with good material is translucent and smooth, not prone to stains and marks, and is very easy to clean. When purchasing, you can take it outside the house under strong light, and carefully check the reflection on the surface of the ceramic wash basin from the side. Usually, it is best to have no or very few small trachoma and pitting on the outside.

2. Touch: When shopping, you can use your hands to touch the surface. It feels particularly smooth and delicate. You can also touch the back, and feel the best feeling of sandy, fine friction.

3. Percussion: Use your hand to flick the ceramic wash basin with good quality. The sound is the best for the clear and loud percussion. If the sound is dull, the appearance of the product is Cracked, no matter how beautiful it is, it is a fake.

Summary: The above is the editor's introduction to the purchase skills of wash basins and related knowledge of the types of wash basins. It is recommended that you should choose the wash basin according to your family's overall decoration style and style. Choose a suitable wash basin. At the same time, the quality of the wash basin cannot be ignored. For more information. Please continue to pay attention to Qijia.com.

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