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How to choose and maintain acrylic artificial stone countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-05

The artificial stone countertops mentioned in the market generally refer to acrylic artificial stone countertops. This type of countertop is also the type that many people prefer and choose now. Let's take a look at what you need to pay attention to when buying acrylic artificial stone countertops and how to maintain it daily.

How to choose acrylic countertop

The thickness of the countertop: The thickness of the acrylic countertop is directly related to the strength, and the thickness is also It involves cost issues. If a 10mm thick board is used, it will only be 8mm thick after being processed and polished, which will cause some artificial stones to crack and deform after being impacted. When purchasing, you must understand the thickness of the artificial stone. The national standard for the thickness of the blank plate requires 12.7mm, and the finished product should be 12mm thick, while the low-priced countertops are usually only 8-10mm thick.

Look at the product brand and price: When purchasing countertops, if economic conditions permit, it is best to choose well-known brand products, so that the quality of the countertops will be more guaranteed. And products produced by small brands or small workshops are prone to quality problems. Generally, the price of medium artificial stone is about 1,000 yuan per linear meter, and it is best not to choose products that are too cheap.

Look at the after-sales service: In view of the possibility of fracture of the acrylic artificial stone sheet, if there is a problem, it needs to be maintained and refurbished in time to restore the countertop products to the original. Therefore, when purchasing, it depends on whether the merchant provides thoughtful after-sales service.

How to maintain acrylic countertops

1. Do not put high temperature objects directly or permanently on the acrylic artificial stone countertops. Hot pots, hot pots, or other utensils with high temperature that are directly taken from the stove, oven, or microwave may cause damage to the surface of the artificial stone. Please use a pot holder with rubber feet, or put an insulation pad on the countertop.

2. If cracks are found, repair them in time to avoid local decay of the cabinet. Don't drag it for a long time. If the water flows down to the cabinet board or the backing board at the crack, the cabinet will be partially rotted if it is soaked for a long time. Such poor support for the countertop will breed germs or insects for a long time. Repair in time and seal the glue to prevent the cabinet from getting damp, thereby prolonging the service life of the cabinet.

3. Keep the surface as clean as possible. Because the water contains bleaching agent and scale, after staying for a long time, the color of the countertop will become lighter and the appearance will be affected. If this phenomenon occurs, please use a clean towel to absorb the water and let it dry naturally for 4-5 hours.

4. When cleaning, for light white marks, you can use edible oil and a dry cloth to moisten and wipe the surface, and then wait for 5 minutes Wipe it dry, and then use a damp cloth and soapy water to take care of it. If it is still difficult to take care of, it means that the countertop has penetrated. If penetration does occur, ask professionals to remove stains by sanding and waxing.

5. Strictly prevent strong chemicals from contacting the surface of acrylic artificial stone. Acrylic artificial stone has long-lasting corrosion resistance, but it is still necessary to avoid contact with strong chemicals, such as removers, metal cleaners, stove cleaners, etc.; do not contact methylene chloride, acetone (nail polish remover), Strong acid cleaning agent, etc. If you accidentally come into contact with the above items, immediately wash the artificial stone surface with plenty of soapy water.

Finally, like all stone countertops, acrylic countertops need to be refurbished after a long period of use. When there are many scratches on the countertop due to different reasons, or the surface of the countertop becomes dark and old due to a long time of use (more than 2 years), you can ask a professional technician to polish it with a grinder first, and then polish it with a polishing machine.

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