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How to choose cabinet countertops Precautions for choosing cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-22

The countertop of the cabinet is the most frequently used part in the usual cooking operation, so it must be carefully selected. Whether it is the method of purchase or the characteristics of the material, it is some basic information we need to grasp.

What are the factors that affect the price of the countertop?

Material: The current countertop products have different materials and their price gaps are also relatively different obvious. For example, the price of artificial marble countertops is generally around 300-500 yuan per square meter, while the price of natural marble countertops generally costs around 400-800. On the whole, the price of natural products is obviously higher than that of man-made products. This is due to the scarcity of natural products and higher-end products. Of course, artificial countertop products are also sufficient to meet the needs of ordinary families, but what high-quality products need to be purchased.

Specifications: The size of the countertop required for the kitchen determines the price. Of course, the specifications mentioned here refer to the specifications of the entire board, and if it is a splicing board, its price will drop significantly. For example, the price of natural marble countertops is 600 yuan per square meter if it is a whole piece, while the price of splicing panels means that it needs about 400 yuan per square meter. Although the price is cheap, the quality is relatively worse.

Brand: Why is brand also an important factor affecting countertops? Because high-quality brands often mean excellent workmanship. Therefore, the price of countertops cannot be separated from the influence of the brand. For example, to make natural marble into countertops, secondary processing, such as grinding and polishing, is required. Whether the surface of the marble countertop is shiny and exquisite depends on its workmanship. Therefore, the price of marble countertops of big brands is relatively higher.

The characteristics of several common countertop materials

Stainless steel materials are not suitable for modern households due to their fading luster and single color. Individual needs, therefore, have been gradually eliminated by the market.

Fireproof board molding countertops are resistant to high temperature, resistant to discoloration, low cost, and rich in colors. They have become the material of choice for modern families.

The natural stone is hard in texture, consistent in the surface and in the inside, and has a good decorative effect, but it is not easy to clean after the oil has penetrated, and currently it is not used much.

Artificial stone countertops are currently the most high-grade material. Because they have the advantages of stone, they have no shortcomings that are not easy to clean, and there are no joints, and the overall decoration effect is the best, so the price is also the highest. .

How to distinguish the quality of artificial stone countertops

A look: the color of the sample is pure and not turbid, and the surface is not similar Plastic texture, no small pores on the back of the board.

Second smell: No pungent chemical smell in the nose.

Three touches: The surface of the sample touched by hand has a silky feel, no astringency, and no obvious unevenness.

Four strokes: Scratch the surface of the board with a nail without obvious scratches.

It seems that buying a countertop is really not that simple. In addition to the knowledge introduced above, we are actually buying In the process, there are still some other matters that need to be paid attention to. Interested owners and friends can learn more about it in detail.

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