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How to choose quartz stone countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-21

   Many people have a special preference for quartz countertops, or they are thinking of buying quartz countertops as a beautiful landscape in their home kitchen, but what kind of quartz countertops are good? Now let's talk about how to choose quartz stone countertops?

  How to choose the quartz countertop correctly

  1, the marker pen chooses the quartz countertop

   cabinet The most important thing in quartz stone is to look at the finish, because the finish represents whether it will absorb color. Quartz stone is very troublesome to absorb color. If you get a little oil, you can’t get it off. Jiajiale cabinet will teach you a method, buy one Scratch the marker on the quartz stone to see if it can be erased. If you erase it, it won't absorb color. If you can't erase it, don't buy it.

  2, steel knife identification of the hardness of quartz stone

   hardness is the identification of wear resistance, the simple method is to use a steel knife to draw, and the key cannot be used for identification. Take the 'white crystal' as an example. A steel knife traverses it, leaving a white mark on the fake quartz stone. Because the plate is not as hard as steel, the surface is cut by the steel knife, revealing the white inside. While the pure quartz stone is scratched by a steel knife, it will only leave a black mark, which is caused by the steel knife not moving the quartz stone, but leaving traces of steel, one black and one white, true and false.

  Quartz stone is made of 94% quartz and 6% resin, with a hardness of 7 degrees, while granite is synthesized from marble powder and resin, so the hardness is generally 4-6 degrees. Simply put, quartz stone is harder than granite, and it is more scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.

  3. High temperature test

   Because of the characteristics of its own material, quartz stone determines its high temperature resistance, below 300 degrees Celsius The high temperature will not have any effect on it, that is, it will not be deformed or broken; because the stone contains a large amount of resin, it is particularly prone to deformation and scorching at high temperatures.

  Quartz stone is a non-radiation product, which has no adverse effects on the body; the raw material of quartz stone is non-radiation quartz; and the granite is made of natural marble powder, so there may be radiation, which can cause damage to the body. Adverse effects.

  4. Look with your eyes

   When looking at the sample, there is a protective film on the surface of the granite. Quartz stone surface does not require any processing. Quartz stone countertops are currently the first choice for cabinet countertops.

   High-quality countertops generally use 100% high-quality all-aluminum powder, and eating white vinegar can make all the inferior artificial stone/quartz stone/, showing the original shape ! (Other types of vinegar are invalid, such as aged vinegar is invalid). Pour a tablespoon of white vinegar on the artificial stone and quartz stone countertops. After 30 seconds, if there is a reaction: as shown in the figure above, many tiny bubbles will be produced. The 'granite' in the fake quartz stone and the artificial table 'calcium carbonate' are incompatible with each other. White vinegar can all react and produce bubbles. This type of countertop is low in price, easy to age, cracks, absorbs color, and has a short service life!

  After reading the above article introduction, I hope it will help you in your life.

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