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How To Choose The Right Bathtub For You?


When we ran outside for a day, we went home and tired. At this time, the most comfortable thing is to take a hot bath. Comfortable water temperature can make people completely relax, soothing and calming the nerves are very good for improving the quality of sleep. That's why we have to choose a good bathtub.In order to make the home environment more comfortable, we have to work hard on the purchase of the bathtub. Whether there are old people or children in the family, what kind of bathing method the family prefers, and how big the family is. These are the factors to be considered.


Here are some tips to help you learn more about the bathtub so that you can choose the right bathtub for you.

1. types of bathtubs.

2. Methods of choosing bathtub.

3. Differences between bathe and shower.


1.types of bathtubs.

①the different types of bathtubs are different.

(1)by style:

The bathtub can be divided into a skirtless cylinder and a skirt cylinder, and the style has a heart shape, a circular shape, an oval shape, a baffle plate, a triangle shape and the like.

(2)by function:

The bathtub can be divided into a common soaking bathtub, a jacuzzi, etc. The jacuzzi includes a bubbly jacuzzi, a hydromassage tub, a spa air jacuzzi, and a pulse massage bath. KKR bathtub belongs to freestanding soaking bathtub.

(3) according to the production materials:

Bathtubs can be divided into solid surface bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, steel bathtubs, wooden bath -tubs, etc.


② the common type of bathtub:

(1)Acrylic bathtub:

Acrylic bathtub is one of the mainstream products on the market. It has the advantages of high surface finish, large choice of shape, long service life and moderate price. The disadvantages are poor temperature resistance and pressure resistance, and poor quality acrylic bathtub. It is more prone to discoloration and scratching after a period of use.

(2) steel bathtub:

The price of steel bathtub is generally cheaper, and it has obvious advantages in high temperature and pressure resistance. The texture of the steel bathtub is hard, so it also has a good performance in durability, and it is a kind of product with high cost performance. However, the steel bathtub is the worst in these bathtubs in terms of heat preservation. Friends who like to take a long bath should carefully purchase.

(3)wooden bathtub:

Although the wooden bathtub was born earlier, it has only become popular in recent years. Good insulation and environmental protection, as well as low price, are the biggest selling points of wooden bathtubs. However, compared with other types of bathtubs, the disadvantages of wooden bathtubs being easy to deform make them require more careful daily cleaning and maintenance work.

(4)cast iron bathtub:

The cast iron bathtub is a more expensive product in the bathtub. It has the characteristics of high surface finish, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature.

(5)solid surface bathtub:

Solid surface bathtub is a new trend and fashion in the market. Solid surface is a kind of artificial stone featured with renewable and repairable if any stains or scratches. Usually a solid surface bathtub look luxury but not as expensive as natural stone bathtubs.


2.Methods of choosing bathtub.

If we want to buy a correct bathtub, then we have to know the nature, advantages and disadvantages of various bathtubs.

(1) Pearl plate bathtub:

Advantages: smooth and smooth, bright color, anti-fouling, easy to clean, long life.

Disadvantages: the highest price, the insulation is not as good as the acrylic cylinder, the color and shape are limited by the process, relatively single.

(2) wooden bathtub:

Advantages: Made of oak or other wood materials, it is an old traditional bathing utensil.

Disadvantages: high price, limited shape, simple lines, unable to make complex products. It has a short service life and is prone to cracking. The surface and the joints of the panels are not easy to clean.

(3) Solid surface bathtub:

Advantages: smooth lines and simple shape. Various colors and designs for choice. Renewable and repairable if stains or scratches. Long life.

Disadvantages: Heavy, price higher than normal acrylic, wooden, steel bathtubs.

(4) Acrylic bathtub:

Advantages: slow heat transfer, good heat preservation, smooth surface, easy to clean and decontaminate, good reworkability, diverse styles, different shapes and moderate price.

Disadvantages: Hardness is not as good as cast iron and steel bathtub.

(5)cast iron bathtub:

Advantages: Durable, low water injection noise, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: The price is too high, the weight is heavy, and installation and transportation are difficult.

(6)steel bathtub:

Advantages: The price is cheaper, the texture is lighter and easy to install.

Disadvantages: poor insulation effect, large water injection noise, and monotonous shape.


3.Differences between bathe and shower.

Although the bathtub is comfortable, some families are not suitable for the bathtub. Then they will choose to take a shower by shower head. For families with old people and children, bathtub is the best choice because The bathtub not only prevents falling, but also takes good care of the child. Besides, old people can enjoy better enjoyment by using the bathtub. However, It is relatively large in size, so it will occupy a certain amount of space, and the spatial position is relatively fixed. The shower is relatively simple, just need to hang a shower on the wall to get it, the position is very flexible. In addition, there are thousands of good bathtubs and a few hundred dollars for a good shower kit. The overall cost of the bathtub is greater.


When we want to buy a bathtub for our bathroom, we should first evaluate the material of the bathtub, and then choose the appropriate shape and size of the bathtub according to the bathroom conditions.

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