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How to choose the three major sanitary wares? Decoration novice must-read strategy [experience]

by:KingKonree     2021-07-27
How to choose the three major sanitary wares? Decoration novice must-read strategy [experience]

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   More than 80% of the people who buy sanitary ware are rookies, so how should a rookie who buy sanitary ware for the first time buy sanitary ware products? According to the sales experience of our sanitary ware manufacturers, we have reached the following conclusions, we only need to choose the three basic pieces (toilet, bathtub, basin) to complete more than 80% of the decoration tasks. Let's take a look at what it is with the editor!  Toilet: Residents on low floors should use the 'flushing type' to purchase toilet-type sanitary ware. Pay attention to the flushing method and water consumption. Common flushing methods for toilets are divided into three types: straight flushing, siphoning and flushing. According to reports, the direct flushing type has gradually withdrawn from the market due to the high noise and off-flavor of flushing water. The deodorant and water-saving siphon type and flushing type have become the mainstream of the market. The siphon type is a silent toilet, which is not easy to be offensive, and the flushing type sewage pipe is relatively wide and the impulse is relatively large.  For the residents on the lower floors, it is best to choose the flush-down type, because the low-floor pipes are shorter and the flush-down type has greater impulse, so the flush-down type is more suitable for the lower floors, and the siphon type adopts the principle of pipe vacuum, which is more suitable for the high-rise. If the family has two bathrooms, it is best to install a siphon type in the 'main bathroomThe falling pipe is thick, and it depends on the pressure of the water tank to flush the water, so it is more suitable to be placed in the 'guest'. In terms of toilet water consumption, the state stipulates that water-saving toilets with a flushing volume of less than 6 liters are water-saving toilets. Now many manufacturers have set up large and small water (3 liters and 6 liters), and all water-saving toilets will have signs. Consult the sales staff when purchasing. Do not fill the bottom of the toilet with cement sand. If the bowl is hidden under the floor tiles, there must be a 2 mm gap around the bowl. The gap must be filled with glass glue, otherwise the cement will expand and contract. , Damage the product.  Bathtubs are best to choose before laying tiles.  Bathtubs generally include two categories: 'skirt bathtub' and 'skirtless bathtub'. At present, 'skirt bathtub' has become the absolute mainstream in the market. Bathtubs are divided into ordinary steel bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, and chaise bathtubs according to their materials. Generally speaking, ordinary steel bathtubs are easy to clean and have a single shape; acrylic bathtubs have richer shapes, but have a shorter life span and are not easy to clean after aging. ; Cast iron bathtub has a long service life and high grade, but the price is higher, and the transportation and installation are more troublesome. The accessories of the bathtub are the same as the toilet and basin accessories. Different bathtubs require different types of accessory devices, and their function and significance cannot be ignored.  The anchor bolts must be leveled before the bathtub is installed. During the installation process, no iron objects can be placed in the bathtub to avoid rust spots or product scratches. A special reminder to install a bathtub at home is that it is best to choose a bathtub before laying bricks.  Make sure to reserve the size before buying the basin.  With the hardcover of the bathroom decoration, the matching basin and bathroom cabinet products have appeared in many people's homes. To purchase such products, you should first choose the specifications and styles of the basin according to the actual situation of the bathroom area. If the area is small, you should generally choose a pedestal basin, because the use of a pedestal basin in a small area bathroom can enhance the ventilation of the bathroom; If the area is large, you can choose various types of basins, because the basins can enhance the sense of grade. In addition to the shape of the basin, the best attention should be paid to the quality of the glazed surface, because a good glazed surface is not dirty, the surface is easy to clean, and it is still bright as new after long-term use. When choosing, you can look at the light from multiple angles from the side of the ceramic. A good glaze should be free of stains, pinholes, blisters and bubbles, and the surface should be very smooth. There are various types of bathroom cabinets that are matched with the basin. For ordinary consumers, one is to pay attention to the material of the bathroom cabinet. The more common ones in the market are oak, camphor wood, catalpa wood, etc. Good wood is anti-warping and does not deform. Consumers must shop around. If you consider the price issue, you can also consider PVC board; the second is that it is best to leave a place for the bathroom cabinet at home before buying, so that you can know it well, and the promotion staff can also recommend it. If you feel confused, you will get half the result with half the effort.  When installing this type of product, you need to pay attention to the flatness of the wall and the ground, especially when installing the hanging basin, you must first add a rubber pad to the nut. When tightening, pay attention to avoid damage caused by excessive force.

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