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How to choose the wash basin Precautions for the installation of the wash basin above counter basin

by:KingKonree     2021-07-04

People know that wash basins generally mainly include above counter basins, under counter basins, and pedestal basins. Basically, these products are similar in size, but differ in color, size, and depth. Nowadays, there are mainly these three types of wash basin products in the market, but very big changes have taken place in terms of shape and material. Next, the editor will introduce how to choose the wash basin and the precautions for installing the wash basin above counter basin.

How to choose a washbasin

1. Pedestal washbasins

Pedestal basins are mainly suitable for relatively small toilet spaces or toilets with a low usage rate. . Because you see, the design of the pedestal basin is very simple, and the drainage components can be hidden in the column of the main basin, giving people a clean and tidy appearance.

2. Marble wash basin

The washbasin is more suitable for the bathroom with large space. Matching countertops-stone such as marble and granite can be used, and bathroom cabinets can be customized under the countertops, and bathroom products can be placed, which is convenient, practical and beautiful.

3. Stainless steel wash basin

The wash basin made of stainless steel has a modern fashion sense and is easy to clean. However, stainless steel wash basins are generally made of solid materials. The steel materials are also highly extracted, and the surface must be frosted or mirror electroplated, so the price is not low. When buying stainless steel wash basins, you must be optimistic about the style, and it is best to know the material and maintenance points.

4. Glass wash basin

The glass material is always eye-catching, whether it is its unique texture or its light and shadow effects. However, the defect of glass is that it is fragile and not resistant to high temperature (the wall thickness of glass basins sold on the market are 19mm, 15mm and 12mm, etc., even for products with 19mm wall thickness, its temperature resistance is only 80℃. Relatively high temperature).

Wash basin size specifications

In fact, wash basins also have some commonly used size standards. When buying a house, you must first understand the size of the wash basin. Otherwise, if the size is different, you cannot install it on the bathroom cabinet. . The size of wash basins in the bathroom is different, and it is difficult to find products with the same size of different models of wash basins. It is precisely because of this situation that the various sizes of wash basins are caused. Currently commonly used wash basin sizes are: 585×390mm, 600×460mm, 700×460mm, 750×460mm, 800×460mm, 900×460mm, 1000×460mm, 600×405×155mm, 410×310×140mm, etc. In addition to these more common wash basin size specifications, there are also many sizes of wash basins. Because the wash basin is a private sanitary ware product, in order to meet the needs of each user as much as possible, various brands have to make different sizes. The specification of the wash basin is now.

Precautions for the installation of wash basins above counter basins

1. However, the above counter basins must be opened according to the opening size when opening the hole, otherwise the water will not be sealed if it is opened. Causes water leakage on the countertop.

2, high-quality silica gel should be used for installation, otherwise the glue on the edge of the sink will become black and moldy and the sink will become loose after a long time.

Editor's summary: This concludes the introduction about how to choose the wash basin and the precautions for installing the wash basin above counter basin. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about acquaintances, you can follow Qijia.com information.

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