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How to clean marble countertops to be as clean as ever

by:KingKonree     2021-04-20

   The countertops of kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc. are more likely to be stained or even damaged daily, and its cleaning and maintenance are more troublesome for housewives. At present, most of these countertops are made of marble, so here are some ways to clean and maintain marble countertops.

   When it comes to marble cleaning, people who have used marble may find it difficult. A lot of money is spent on installing marble floor tiles, wall tiles, countertops and other decorative structures, so special care must be taken to maintain the beauty of the marble. There are several ways to maintain the luster of the marble.

  In the use of marble countertops, you will find some stubborn spots on it. These are really difficult to remove. The reason lies in the natural porosity of marble. Marble is easy to absorb spills. Therefore, if you clean the marble with acid, you will find corrosion marks on the surface of the marble. Any scratches will damage the beauty of the marble.

   Some precautions must be taken when using marble. Never use vinegar or any other type of acidic product to clean the marble. Marble is very sensitive and can only be cleaned with a mild detergent. The weak acid contained in vinegar will destroy the luster of the marble floor all day long. A neutral detergent must be used when cleaning the marble. The following points should be noted when cleaning marble.

   First of all, special care is needed. Treating marble is like treating expensive wood furniture. Do not put the glass directly on the marble surface. In case of spillage, clean up in time. Don't leave stains on the marble for a long time.

  Secondly, clean the marble floor regularly. The best way is to use a rag to remove all residues. Wet the top of the marble with cold water regularly. Do not use hot water. Unless there are hard objects on the marble floor, there is no need to scrub the floor. Clean the marble with a mild detergent.

   If you want to dry and polish the marble, you can use a dry towel or paper towel. Sometimes it is found that the marble needs deep cleaning. Cleaning is no longer enough for marble. In this case, more than a mild detergent is needed. You also need to consider buying high-quality marble cleaning products. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. If necessary, buy a marble polish to seal the marble. Don't buy harsh cleaning products.

   Finally, be aware that beer, wine, tea, and citrus juices will damage the elegance of marble. To clean these stains, hydrogen peroxide can be mixed with a few drops of ammonia to make a solution. Use a clean cloth to scrub the marble until it restores its luster.

   Cooking oil or other types of oil products can contaminate marble. Therefore, it must be cleaned with soap and water in time.

  After reading the above introduction, I believe you already understand how to clean marble countertops. Hope this can help your life.

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