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How to contact gold bathroom franchise if you want to join gold bathroom

by:KingKonree     2021-10-27
The phone number of joining gold bathroom bathroom. How to contact bathroom bathroom when you want to join gold bathroom bathroom has always been a very hot development industry, and it is also a very hot franchise industry. Of course, it is not unreasonable to be so popular. In this industry, Gold Medal Sanitary Ware is such a leading brand and is well received. So how do I want to contact the gold medal bathroom? Next, I will analyze the gold medal bathroom franchise phone number for you. (The picture comes from the Internet, invaded and deleted) 1. Gold sanitary ware brand archives Gold sanitary ware joining recommendation index: ★★★★★Company name: Kaiping Jinpai Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Brand Name: Gold Sanitary Ware Brand Established: 1999 Enterprise Overview: Gold Sanitary Ware GOLD, started in 1999, is a domestic sanitary ware brand with complete product categories, large scale, professionalism and humanity. [Joining Intention Form]china-gold[/Joining Intention Form] 2. How is the operation of the gold sanitary ware franchise store? The gold sanitary ware franchise store in Leshan, Sichuan is grandly opened, let’s take a look at its business situation: (picture from the Internet ,Invasion and deletion) (pictures from the Internet, intrusion and deletion) Gold Medal Sanitary Ware Special Leshan, a grand promotion with the theme of 'Six Hao Li Hui Leshan' was held on the opening day. Consumers rushed to buy them in the ten days of opening. The scene is hot. With its brand foundation accumulated over more than ten years, with its high-quality products and satisfactory after-sales service, Gold Medal Sanitary Leisure and daily necessities that are indispensable in the lives of customers. Comment: Gold brand sanitary ware franchise stores are stationed in Leshan, and the promotion and preferential support supported by the headquarters is very strong, and the promotional effect is also very targeted and extensive. During the event, the gold medal sanitary ware Sichuan Leshan specialty store has a steady stream of customers on site. Purchase sanitary products in the store, and the event ended successfully on December 20. It has won praise and support from the majority of Leshan people, and thus has a very high market share in Leshan. 3. Reference for the profit of franchising of the Golden Sanitary Ware Specialty Store in Leshan, Sichuan: The store area of u200bu200bthe first-tier city in the second-tier city of Leshan, Sichuan is 50 square meters, 50 square meters, and 50 square meters. 45% gross profit (month) * ten thousand yuan * ten thousand yuan * ten thousand yuan to reduce costs Store rent * yuan / month (* yuan / day / square meters) * yuan / month (* yuan / day / square meters) * yuan / month ( *Yuan/day/㎡) miscellaneous utilities*yuan*yuan*yuan staff salary*yuan/month (*yuan/month/person*3 people)*yuan/month(*yuan/month/person*3 people)*yuan/ Month (*RMB/month/person*3 persons) Net profit of gold sanitary ware (month)*ten thousand yuan*ten thousand yuan*ten thousand net profit (year)*ten thousand yuan*ten thousand yuan*ten thousand yuan total investment cost of gold sanitary ware* Ten Thousand Ten Thousand Ten Thousand Ten Thousand Ten Thousand Yuan * Ten Thousand Yuan Investment Return Period 6 months 6 months 6 months Remarks: 1. The above profit analysis is an estimate and is for reference only. The actual profit will vary according to different regions, areas, costs, etc. . 2. The total investment cost in the table is based on the cost table. If you want to know the cost details, you can check the gold medal bathroom franchise cost table. Summary of the franchise profit of the Golden Sanitary Ware Sichuan Leshan Specialty Store: Golden Sanitary Ware is a very well-known sanitary ware brand. Not only is it strong, but the franchise profit is also considerable. The franchise profit in first-tier cities is generally 389,400 yuan, and the franchise profit in second-tier cities is generally 352,800 yuan. Leshan's franchise profit is generally 319,800 yuan, so it is a good choice to choose to join the gold medal bathroom. 4. Advantages of franchising of gold medal sanitary ware: (pictures come from the Internet, invaded and deleted) 1. Low risk: gold medal sanitary ware franchisees implement zero initial fee, low first batch purchase amount, and reimbursement of decoration expenses. Minimize your investment risk. 2. High return: low-discount supply, large profit margin, and high cost-effective products. To achieve mutual development, sharing of benefits, and a win-win situation for production and sales. 3. Worry-free: provide a full set of franchise services, from the location of the store to the opening, training, operation, and promotion, the headquarters will participate in the whole process to support, so that dealers can worry-free. 4. Complete product system: shower room, ceramic sanitary ware, faucet hardware, shower, bathroom furniture and decoration accessories, etc. The styles are updated quickly, and 3-5 new products will be launched every quarter to promote terminal sales. 5. Channel system advantages: franchise stores do not implement hierarchical agency, uniformly implement flat sales, from the company directly to the retail terminal, reducing intermediate links to ensure maximum profit and better service. V. Gold bathroom franchise phone number (picture from the Internet, invaded and deleted) If you are also very optimistic about the development of gold bathroom bathroom, please call the gold bathroom franchise service phone 400-061-8777 to contact Wrigley Franchise Merchants to get more franchise Information materials. [Join Intention Form]china-gold[/Join Intention Form] 6. Evaluation Summary From the above, we can understand that joining the gold sanitary water purifier can avoid the situation of insufficient after-sales service, and joining the gold sanitary water purifier can also bring Come for free decoration design service, return service when you place an order, and store assistance and many other benefits. How is it? Are you moving? It’s better to take action. Pick up your mobile phone and call the joining hotline: 400-0618-777 or leave your joining intention form in the article, and wait for the joining butler to serve you. (The article comes from the Internet, invaded and deleted)
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