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how to create the best countertop product displays

by:KingKonree     2020-03-29
No matter what kind of store you run, the countertop is the most popular place to make a product display.
Putting the item on the countertop not only brings it closer to the customer\'s eyes, but also encourages impulse buying once the customer is ready to check out.
Before thinking about other things, think about your countertop space and you have to think about how much countertop space you have to use.
Some shops have a lot of space on the countertop, while others have only a few square feet of space next to the checkout counter.
Choose the best item you know how much countertop space you have to use, and it\'s time to consider the best item for your countertop product display.
If you have enough countertop space, you can choose large items for your product display;
However, if you only have very little work space, it is better to choose small items for your countertop product display.
In addition to the countertop space you have to use, you need to consider the types of items that customers are more likely to buy when standing at the checkout counter.
For example, you may have enough countertop space to show the home
Potato chips and two bags.
A liter of soda, but this is not what most people buy at the checkout counter.
Most customers buy goods such as candy and small convenience items such as lighters and travel
Bottle of sizethe-
There are also children\'s toys, such as stuffed animals and balloons.
In short, the items you use for table top product display need to be used with the table top space you have and the impulsive buying habits that cashier customers tend to display.
Choose the most convenient product display fixtures table top product display the most common display fixtures are wholesale plastic containers.
You can find these containers in many shapes, sizes, and styles, perfectly displaying packaged and unpacked bulk candies as well as non-packaged edible items
Edible products such as children\'s toys and convenience products.
However, you should keep in mind that there are many other types of display devices on the countertop product display that can help your customers increase the convenience of the shopping experience.
Some of these additional fixtures work well with wholesale plastic containers, while others come with plastic buckets that have been affixed or other ways of displaying goods.
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