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how to cut & polish granite undermount sink

by:KingKonree     2020-10-19
This is part of a 28-minute video about how to Do-It-Yourselfers.
The project is to replace the granite kitchen sink installed on the top with the granite kitchen sink on the ground floor.
We took a matching \"pre-
Granite slabs (by pre-
We mean that the edge has been pre-empted. fabricated)
, Cut the sink hole and polish the entire edge of the sink.
In the full 28-minute video, our 25-
Experienced stone manufacturers with the following skills and techniques demonstrated: 1. Templating; 2.
Use a variable speed angle grinder; 3.
Straight cut with grinder and turbine blade; 4.
Contour blade surface cutting; 5.
Smooth curve cutting of drum wheel; 6.
Polish the bottom sink with a dry polishing pad; 7.
Drill tap holes with Sure
Guide and dry core position.
This video demonstrates the production of a rectangular base sink.
These skills and tools can also be used to make Oval base sinks and container bowls.
Please visit our website or at 1-800-980-
7808 if you have any questions about our diamond tools and granite manufacturing.
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