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How to decorate a small bathroom into a large space effect_collocation knowledge_学堂

by:KingKonree     2021-06-28

The most common version of the decoration satisfies the most basic functions, and rationally arranges the 'three major pieces' (wash basins, toilets, showers) of the bathroom.

In the bathroom space of two or three square meters, in order to meet the basic functions, you must abandon the bathtub and choose the shower equipment. Adopt such 'three big pieces': wash basin, toilet and shower.

It is the most common version of the decoration, which satisfies the most basic use functions, and reasonably arranges the 'three major pieces' (washbasin, toilet, shower) of the bathroom.

Sanitary equipment: corner (pillar) wash basin, toilet, shower. The three pieces can be arranged flexibly, but the basic method is to set it from low to high, that is, starting from the bathroom door. Ideally, the sink faces the bathroom door, and the toilet is close to its side, and the shower is set in the innermost position. End, this is the least controversial way no matter from the perspective of living habits, use functions or visual effects.

Decoration of the sink area: The design of the sink area is the main body of a bathroom. When choosing the size of the sink, you must consider leaving space for movement. For a toilet with a size of three square meters, a wash basin with a size of 1.2×0.6 meters is more suitable. An angular wash basin or a pillar wash basin can also be installed directly at the corner of the bathroom, which can give the bathroom more room for maneuver. .

Bathroom mirror design: The bathroom mirror can fully expand the visual effect of a small bathroom, and it is generally designed to be the same width as the sink.

Toilet selection: The width of the reserved toilet should not be less than 0.75 meters to ensure convenient use.

Choose some compact toilets. Nowadays, many domestic toilets on the market have good quality and look and feel, and they can keep up with the trend in style and function.

Shower choice: to meet the ordinary shower function, generally speaking, a straight shower panel or a simple shower is the least space-consuming, and the fully open design can also make the bathroom look Don't get too crowded. When living alone, a simple shower panel or shower is the most economical and convenient, and there is no need to cover it with a shower door.

Use large-area glass mirrors to 'renovate' the bathroom. Two large mirrors can be placed, one side against the wall and the other side inclined to the top, which not only covers the sewage pipes of the residents upstairs, but also makes the small space full of change and layering. The reflection of the large area of u200bu200bglass is enough for the bathroom Create a 'expanded' visual effect.

It is decorated with large color blocks. For example, the space can be divided by white, red, and black color blocks. The white tiled walls, white sanitary ware, red shower curtains, black ceilings and towel racks set off, making people's vision not crowded.

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