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How to design a sanitary partition

by:KingKonree     2021-10-01
How to design a sanitary partition. Rifeng Sanitary Ware will give you a small coup, moisture-proof, beautiful and practical. The bathroom is an important functional area in the family, but the problems of humidity and lack of ventilation bring a lot of inconvenience and annoyance. Partitions not only have the function of separating space, but also a common way to save space. At the same time, they have a good decorative and beautiful effect and are a good bathroom design. How to use it more smoothly? Good design is very important. Master the following toilet decoration principles to easily create a comfortable bathroom. 1. The design of sanitary partition should take into consideration the three functions of washing, bathroom and toilet. 2. The design of the sanitary partition shall not affect the lighting, ventilation effect of the bathroom, the hidden installation of electric wires and the selection of electrical equipment shall comply with the relevant safety regulations of electrical codes. 3. The floor of the bathroom should be made of water-proof, dirt-resistant, non-slip, and easy-to-clean materials such as floor tiles and stone. 4. The wall of the bathroom should be made of smooth and elegant ceramic tiles, and the ceiling should be made of plastic gussets, glass, translucent plates, and other suspended ceilings. It can also be decorated with waterproof coatings. 5. There should be hot and cold faucets in the bathroom, and the bathtub or shower should be separated by movable partitions. 6. The floor of the bathroom should be inclined towards the drain, and the selection of sanitary ware should be coordinated as a whole. Warm reminder: When decorating, we must pay attention to the rationality of the color matching and the rationality of the tile placement, and the principle of not expensive. In the bathroom decoration process, in order to facilitate the color matching, decorative tiles are used to pave the wall. Most of the bathroom decorations are white tiles. When white tiles are used for decoration, wall tiles and decorative tiles can be used to decorate the walls. Because white belongs to the achromatic color, we can use tiles of any color to embellish the wall when decorating the wall. Another common method is to use decorative paintings to embellish the bathroom space. Here we can choose a larger and more regular wall in the bathroom space, and hang several decorative paintings for theme display and color embellishment. And when we choose the bathroom shower curtain, we try our best to choose the varieties that are in harmony with the style of the entire decorative space, so that we can achieve a better decorative effect. In addition, placing some small green plants in the bathroom is also a good choice, which not only brings a healthy and pleasant atmosphere, but is also a good decorative embellishment. But when choosing plants, be sure to choose shade-loving, trendy and smaller plants and place them in the right place. For more sanitary ware related information, please visit the official website of Rifeng Sanitary Ware. (
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