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How to design balcony storage cabinets

by:KingKonree     2021-04-08

   When we decorate and design the balcony, we often put balcony storage cabinets, so how should we design the balcony storage cabinets? What should be paid attention to when designing the balcony storage cabinets, and what should be used for the balcony storage cabinets The materials are better, let's take a look together below.

How to design    balcony locker

   balcony locker base cabinet design one:

  The decoration style of the balcony is gorgeous Chinese style For style, the balcony has a lot of space, so it’s best not to choose tall cabinets for storage cabinets, as they will appear obtrusive and cumbersome. Use small storage cabinets with a suitable height for floor cabinets; white storage cabinets can also be placed on top. The green potted plants turn the balcony into a small space of nature and tranquility.

   balcony locker base cabinet design 2:

   balcony space is not too big nor too small, just suitable, then you can choose a closet, the top of the cabinet is close to the roof Appropriately, the storage cabinet has a relatively large space on the floor, and can hold a lot of things, but it does not occupy a lot of space and is not obtrusive. It fully displays the modern style of personality and fashion.

  Balcony locker design three: choose balcony cabinets according to style

  If the decoration style of the home balcony is Chinese style, the balcony space is also enough If you choose a storage cabinet, don’t choose tall cabinets. It will make people feel awkward and cumbersome. Just choose a suitable small storage cabinet on the floor; you can also put green potted plants on the storage cabinet, and the balcony will become A small space with nature and tranquility.

The fourth design of    balcony locker: closed balcony

  The old balcony is open, we sealed the balcony, and then installed a row of windows, so that the space can be extended Up. The balcony area is not small, so it can be used well. Install a balcony storage cabinet on the side. The neat horizontal lines on the door of the cabinet look very fashionable. Do you think that the size of the balcony storage cabinet is also very interesting.

  Cautions related to balcony locker design

   First, in many families, there will be multiple balconies, usually one next to the living room The balcony, at the same time next to the restaurant, also has a balcony. When designing the balcony as early as possible, do not design it the same as it is not suitable for the family to live in, and it will also affect the family's feng shui and bring a certain impact on the family's physical and mental health. Usually when the main balcony is designed, the style and style are relatively better, while the secondary balcony is designed mainly for leisure functions.

   Second, when choosing decoration materials, you should have an understanding of the quality of decoration materials. When designing balcony storage cabinets, it is very important to choose suitable decoration materials. In daily life, the most used materials, such as laminate flooring, floor tiles, etc., should be closed design, and carpets should be laid.

   Third, on the main balcony, when designing the lockers, tempered glass should be used to divide the balcony into different small study rooms, which is very casual and can be placed outside the window. Some green leaves have the freshness of nature, increase the amount of indoor air, and help the family's physical and mental health.

  What material is good for balcony storage cabinets

  Drawer type storage cabinet materials mainly include: solid wood, board, iron, plastic, more The first two materials are used.

  1. Solid wood balcony drawer storage cabinets have different characteristics according to different types of solid wood materials; currently there are not many solid wood furniture for single persons, and the craftsmanship has not reached a very mature level. Cracking occurs, and high-quality solid wood furniture is more expensive.

  2. If it is a board balcony drawer type storage cabinet, it is mainly divided into solid wood particle board and density board material. The density board is of heavy quality, good pressure-bearing capacity, not easy to deform, and difficult to open the edge when sealing; solid wood particles Although the board does not have as many functions as the density board, it is better in terms of environmental protection, moisture resistance, and nail holding power. Consumers can consider it according to their own needs.

  3. The plastic balcony drawer storage cabinet is made of polyethylene PE or polypropylene PP, which can hold different items, sorting tools, etc. Environmental protection, sealing with cover, labor-saving movement of the pulley, resistance to acid and alkali, oil stain resistance, non-toxic and odorless, easy to clean, neatly stacked, easy to manage, strong load-bearing, telescopic, space-saving, light weight, etc.; but balcony The location has strong light, and the plastic storage cabinets are easy to age and have a short lifespan.


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