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How to design the dressing table size and style

by:KingKonree     2021-04-22

The dressing table often symbolizes the deepest secret in a woman's heart. It can be said that it is the kind of furniture that has the most contact with female friends and the closest relationship. What size and height should we choose for the dressing table when we are decorating at home? Let's take a look together below.

What is the size of the dressing table

The dressing table can hold a lot of cosmetics, and the multiple drawers under the dressing table look like a chest of drawers The design is convenient and practical, and it occupies a small area to save space in the house. The solid wood carving design on the top of the dressing table naturally highlights freshness and vitality.

The general size of the dressing table is about 1000~1500mm in length, 400~500mm in width, and total height: about 1500mm. The distance between the dressing table and the ground is 700~750mm, but there are some small differences in the style and style of the dressing table. .

How to design the dressing table

1. The dressing table can be designed boldly, with the zigzags and twists of the mirror edge decorated with gold The small carvings and makeup mirror adopt three combinations, and the whole makeup table is exquisite to the extreme. There are practical small cabinets on both sides under the dressing table, and there is a small partition in the middle. It can be said that this is the most cost-effective dressing table.

2. The dressing table is generally made of solid wood and plate materials. The carvings around the mirror and the feet of the dressing table make the whole dressing table classic and trendy. There is enough space under the dressing table for feet, and the small rectangular design of the drawer is also very decent. The dressing table is not only durable but also stain-resistant.

3. The dressing table can be made of board material, mainly made of birch wood plus E1 high-density MDF and pine wood. If the overall color of the dressing table is ivory white, it will be very pure and elegant. With clean colors and stylish and generous design, you can feel the breath of love in the air. The warmth and the touch are released in an instant.

4. All white poplar solid wood material, the production design has abandoned the overly complicated mechanism and decoration, and retains the exquisite carvings unique to classic furniture. Shows extraordinary design strength and strong product quality performance.

5. The walnut color dressing table can be made of E1 medium-density fiberboard to make its cost-effectiveness outstanding. The natural color and the simple and fresh shape, the wood primary color texture gives people a feeling of being in nature .

One-piece combination design of wardrobe and dressing table

1. One-piece combination cabinet design includes: 2 beds and bedside table, 1 Large closet, 1 dressing table, 1 computer bookcase, 1 chair; the large closet is a sliding sliding door below 2 meters, and the panel is a wave shutter door.

2. It is more convenient if you bring your own cloakroom at home. Open cloakrooms are usually distributed in an L shape. Use the corner area to install full-length mirrors and design a drawer unit with the height of the dressing table next to the mirror; there are also a variety of hooks around to store necklaces, scarves, etc., so that the cloakroom has only a strip of vision.

3. A single dressing table with drawers is more traditional. According to the traditional design ideas, equip a mirror in the storage closet and set up a special combo unit for dressing, eliminating the need for seats, or designing the seats without backrests to be hidden in the cabinet space, saving redundant and wasted space .

The advantages of the integrated combination design of wardrobe and dressing table are mainly good at planning, which can integrate different functions together, which greatly improves the overall space utilization rate It is a very good storage method, and it can also make the bedroom space look more organized.

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